CSGO crackdown continues as Valve bans Steam accounts worth nearly $6 million

Jeremy Gan
CSGO accoutns has been banned in ban waveValve

The CSGO crackdown on accounts linked to gambling sites continues as Valve bans Steam accounts with inventories worth up to $6 million collectively. 

CSGO skin trading is currently in the midst of a massive ban wave. Despite the lucrative nature of the skin market, and even being a full-time job for some, Valve can ban traders’ accounts without warning. 

And it has been happening throughout 2023, as since May, traders who have dealt with gambling sites in the past are getting banned en masse, as Valve cracks down on certain sites. 

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And on June 28, dozens of high-value accounts were hit with community bans. All of which were speculated to be in association with CSGO Roll. The following day, the bans are not slowing down, as a new wave just wiped thousands of high-value inventories off the market. 

In a Tweet by skin trader Pickle, they highlighted that in just the last 24 hours, 82 accounts have been banned, with a collective $5,885,195 USD worth of value in their inventories.

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According to skin database site Pricempire, there were many other bans afterward as well, showing the trend isn’t slowing down. However, many accounts are unbanned after appeal, if the community ban was due to simple infractions like commenting on profiles.

The bans started when a rival site to CSGO Roll, CSGO Empire, shared a document alleging CSGO traders had been engaged in a scheme to “illegally launder” crypto through CSGORoll withdrawals. 

Following this post, a number of the accounts provided in the spreadsheet were banned.

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However, CSGO Roll’s owner refuted the claims and said that “things have gotten too far” after several skin traders who were allegedly innocent were caught in the crossfire, with millions of dollars worth of skins gone in a flash.

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