Valorant cosplayer electrocutes Radiants as fast and furious Neon

valorant neon cosplay imageRiot Games, Ahri Shimada

To celebrate the release of Valorant’s latest Agent, Neon, one cosplayer has transformed herself into the angsty Filipina Duelist.

Valorant Episode 4, Act 1, has started off 2022 with a bang. From an all-new battle pass to the insane Protocol skins (they actually talk to you), fans of Riot Games’ flagship FPS have been gifted swathes of fresh content coming into the new year.

One of the more controversial additions is Filipina Duelist Neon. With EXCEL pro player Patryk ‘paTiTek’ Fabrowski calling the electrical Duelist “OP,” she’s shaken up the game’s meta to its core.

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Despite supposedly being unbalanced on the battlefield and, in turn, wreaking havoc, you won’t be able to resist this stunning cosplay by Spanish cosplayer, Ahri Shimada, whose recreation of Neon electrocutes the competition.

valorant neon using her ultimateRiot Games
Neon’s Ultimate grants her a massive speed boost, as well as the ability to shoot electricity.

Valorant Neon cosplay strikes like lightning

Noting that she finds Valorant’s character designs “spectacular,” she told Dexerto “I love cosplay and I wanted to do one of Valorant’s Agents. My idea was to cosplay Killjoy or Viper, but then Neon suddenly came out.”

For Ahri, it was love at first sight. “She is beautiful, so I decided to do a cosplay with clothes and similar things that I had at home, trying to resemble the character as much as possible.”

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While this was more of a trial run to test out her Valorant cosplay skills, she recalls that “the most difficult thing was to make the pigtails,” something she was determined to get right because she “adores blue-haired characters.”

Despite this being the calm before the storm, Ahri’s Neon looks absolutely electrifying. From that cobalt blue hair to her metallic facial inlays – everything is masterful. Lightning swirls around her gloved hands, and her playful pout encapsulates Neon’s fiery personality.

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She’s even dropped a cheeky TikTok grooving away to Entertain Me, the track that featured in Neon’s release video.

(Click here if TikTok doesn’t load)


This, however, is the beginning of Ahri’s Valorant adventure, as she’s got a whole collection of characters up her sleeve that she hopes to transform into.

“I will absolutely make more Valorant cosplays because the designs are incredible!” she told Dexerto, even hinting “I even thought about trying to make a female version of Yoru” – and that is something we absolutely need to see!

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