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Talented My Hero Academia cosplayer’s Uravity outfit is out of this world

Published: 25/Oct/2019 20:13 Updated: 25/Oct/2019 23:22

by Brent Koepp


A My Hero Academia fan posted her incredible cosplay that faithfully recreates the gravity hero, and is so accurate that she looks mindblowingly similar to the anime character.

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series currently running, and recently returned after a year hiatus for its fourth season on October 12.

The show envisions a world where humans evolve to have super powers called quirks, and one professional cosplayer shocked fans after sharing her take on the lovable hero Uravity, and looks exactly like her.

Perfect Uravity cosplay

In the anime show, students attend the prestigious U.A. High School where they train in hopes to one day become a professional hero. One of those students is Ochaco Uraraka, and her hero name is Uravity, as her special power is zero gravity.

Cosplayer and MHA fan ‘honeyrabbiit’ posted her take on the character on her Instagram page, and surprised fans with her almost identical appearance to the TV show hero.

The talented artist faithfully mirrored Uravity’s costume, as the hero sports giant wrist bracers, a two-piece clickable belt, and used the perfect material to re-create her iconic boots that have become a staple to her signature look.

According to the show’s lore, each of these pieces of her costume negate the side effects of Uravity’s zero-gravity power, which causes the super-heroine to get nauseated if she uses her quirk too much, and the talented cosplayer nailed each piece.

This isn’t the first time honeyrabbiit has cosplayed from the hero-based anime, as her Instagram hosts her other designs – such as an incredible female twist on the shows protagonist Izuku Midoriya.

However just like her Uraraka cosplay, it’s shocking how much she looks like ‘Froppy’ – a frog-like hero studying in the same class – proving her immense talent to become the characters that she creates costumes for.

My Hero Academia season four began airing on October 12, and can be watched weekly on Funimation in the United States, as it’s currently being simulcast for the first time.

Or if you prefer to watch with subtitles, Crunchyroll has you covered, as both the Japanese and dub go live at the same time.


Evangelion cosplayer becomes Rei Ayanami with epic underwater photoshoot

Published: 26/Nov/2020 19:01

by Brent Koepp


A Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplayer shared her transformation into popular character Rei Ayanami. The artist brought the anime heroine to life with a mind-blowing underwater photoshoot.

Ever since its debut in 19995, Neon Genesis Evangelion has been one of the most influential animes of all time. The Studio Gainax Mecha was originally written by Hideaki Anno.

To celebrate the hit show, a cosplayer went to new depths – literally – to bring lead character Rei Ayanami to life. The artist’s jaw dropping underwater photo recreation will leave fans of the sci-fi epic speechless.

Screenshot of Rei Ayanami in Rebuild Evangelion anime.
Funimation / Studio Khara
The blue-haired heroine is one of the main characters in the hit anime.

While the series heavily revolves around teenager Shinji Ikari moving to Tokyo-3, the protagonist quickly meets a diverse cast of characters after joining Nerv. One of the fierce characters introduced is Rei Ayanami who pilots Evangelion mechs to defend humanity from the alien threat called Angels.

Cosplayer Tessa ‘tessa_crownster’ made waves on Instagram after faithfully bringing the heroine to life in November. The artist absolutely nailed the character’s signature look, accurately mirroring her short blue bob-style haircut, as well as depicting her striking red eyes.

Tessa utilized underwater photography with the help of ‘brettsphoto‘ to truly capture the anime’s sci-fi roots. The result is stunning as it looks like she is floating in a tank full of wires and circuits. The creative shoot is easily one of the best cosplays we have ever seen of Evangelion.


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In another shot posted to the cosplayer’s social media, crownster gave fans a closer view of her incredible portrayal of Rei. The picture taken by ‘samu.snap‘ showcases just how accurate her costume is to the hit anime. Tessa looks ready for battle as she mimics Ayanami’s stance while wearing her iconic white and black pilot bodysuit.


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Despite releasing over 25 years ago, Evangelion continues to have a major influence on not only anime, but films and music. The groundbreaking Mecha was in many ways ahead of its time.

Those that might have missed out on the hit show back in the day can actually watch the original series right now on Netflix or Funimation.