Sneaky becomes Sword & Shield’s Marnie in incredible Pokemon cosplay

Published: 15/Dec/2019 17:34

by Connor Bennett


Popular League of Legends professional Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi took his cosplaying efforts one step further as he jumped into the world of Pokemon with a Sword and Shield outfit. 

Aside from being a huge popular LoL player, Sneaky has made a name from himself with his cosplays – blurring the lines with a number of outfits from Riot Games’ title. 

While he may have found himself on the sidelines after being dropped from Cloud9’s LCS squad, Sneaky has plenty of time to find a new lane for himself – be that as an analyst, a streamer, or just a full-time cosplayer. That third route may not be the worst choice in the world, either, as he’s jumped into the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield and pulled out a stunning Marnie look. 

Riot GamesSneaky had been a longtime member of C9’s LCS squad but has always found time for cosplaying.

The popular player revealed his cosplay effort on December 14 during a charity stream with HyperX, tweeting out a quick snippet. “They wanted me to cosplay Pokimane but I heard Pokémon,” he joked, before showing off the outfit – complete with a Poke ball.

Anyone who has played Sword and Shield and faced off against Marnie will appreciate how accurate Sneaky’s look is. The former Cloud9 man nailed her hair, as well as the pink dress and leather jacket ensemble. 

As is usual with his cosplays, many fans were stunned by how Sneaky managed to pull off the look of someone from the opposite gender – though it probably won’t be for the last time either.

With Sword and Shield have such a diverse cast of characters, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Sneaky diving into another cosplay of someone that’s a bit more complex Leon or a little easier to pull off, like Hop. 

Either way, it’s sure to be a stunning look and something that fans of the League of Legends player look forward to. The possibilities, with his cosplaying abilities, are seemingly endless.


Mortal Kombat cosplayer breaks the ice with amazing Sub-Zero outfit

Published: 19/Jan/2021 11:22 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 11:28

by Lauren Bergin


Mortal Kombat is one of the gaming universe’s most iconic franchises and has recently acquired its own movie. One cosplayer has chosen to celebrate in style by transforming into the icy Sub-Zero.

If there’s one franchise that almost every gamer knows about it’s Mortal Kombat. The iconic fighting game has spawned a loyal fanbase, as well as a host of spinoff media, including the 2021 movie of the same name.

The game has even been picked up by sugar free energy drink behemoths GFUEL, who have created 11 unique flavors are inspired by the title’s main characters.

Just in time for the movie dropping on April 16, one fan has created an insane cosplay that will leave you feeling a little chilly.

Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 Sub-Zero
Mark Rogers/Warner Bros.
Joe Taslim brings the iconic character to life in the new movie.

Sub-Zero cosplay brings in the Ice Shower

Sub-Zero has become one of the game’s most popular characters. The Chinese cryomancer has the power to bend ice to his will, making him a pretty fierce opponent.

Polish cosplayer Cyprian has brought Sub-Zero into the real world with an amazing series of cosplay images. One of these shows him channelling some inner peace while contemplating how best to pull off the perfect fatality as the ice bender.

Seen sporting the character’s deep navy samurai style armor, coupled with the Oni style mask that covers the bottom half of his face, we really wouldn’t want to run into him in the middle of a frosty winter forest.

It’s not just the outfit that makes Cyprian stand out above other cosplayers, it’s his menacing attitude that makes him the perfect Sub-Zero.


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Cyprian as some fun as Sub-Zero

When he’s not glaring into the camera though, the Pole is making the Mortal Kombat assassin into an almost lovable character.

One of the best images from the series is of him recreating the classic high kicks that are seen throughout the series, and in turn have become one of the images fans are most familiar with.


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A second video shows him dancing away to ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ and considering it has garnered an astounding 2k likes, it’s safe to say fans want to drop the beat with Cyprian’s Sub-Zero.


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The attention to detail in this cosplay is amazing. With the upcoming movie and awesome art like this, we can’t wait to see if  Cyprian brings us any more Mortal Kombat cosplays.

We’d love to see Scorpion, the series’ resurrected Ninja, get down to ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane.’ Why? Because he’s a Scorpion after all!