Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer represents Hulbury as Gym Leader Nessa

Brent Koepp
Gym Leader Nessa from Pokemon Sword & Shield next to cosplayer
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

A cosplayer brought Pokemon Sword & Shield to life with her take on Nessa. The artist’s epic transformation into the Water-type Gym Leader will leave fans of the Nintendo RPG in awe.

Ever since her debut in 2019’s Sword & Shield, Pokemon fans can’t seem to get enough of Nessa. The fierce Water-type Trainer is one of the standout characters in the Gen 8 RPG.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the Galar region heroine with an insanely detailed costume. She looks so much like the Gym Leader, it’s almost as if the character has swam out of the screen.

Hulbury Gym Leader Nessa in Pokemon Sword & Shield Twilight Wings anime
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Gen 8 Gym Leader is already a hit with Pokemon fans.

Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer becomes real life Nessa

In Sword & Shield, players face off against the Galar League’s Nessa while visiting the seaside town of Hulbury. The fierce Water-type Gym Leader puts on an epic battle with her Drednaw.

Cosplayer Sasha ‘narmayae‘ brought the heroine to life in a series of pictures on Instagram. In an April 2 post, the artist posed in the character’s iconic white and blue Galar League uniform.

Sasha’s faithful recreation of Nessa’s uniform is mindblowing and full of details. While most cosplays of the character often use a single bodysuit, narmayae’s has multiple layers including her gold-trimmed armband and seashell stomach jewelry.


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In another picture posted on social media, the cosplayer gave viewers a closer look at how she captured the Gen 8 Gym Leader’s unique look. Her meticulously braided hair accurately features light blue highlights which match her striking aqua-colored eyes.


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Fans of the Trainer are in luck as Nessa made her return in Sword & Shield’s 2020 DLC, The Crown Tundra. The heroine can be battled in the new Galarian Star Tournament.

Players not only face-off against her again, but can also team up with her as a partner. Given her immense popularity, it wouldn’t be too surprising if she showed up again in future Pokemon projects.