Overwatch model goes ghost with epic Widowmaker Kerrigan cosplay

Michael Gwilliam

Since its release in 2016, Overwatch has become a prime attraction for cosplayers with its assortment of characters and Widowmaker’s Sarah Kerrigan skin has proven to be a prime example. 

Ukrainian cosplay model le_blaaanc_cosplay took inspiration from the limited-time Sarah Kerrigan Widowmaker skin which debuted back in 2018 as part of StarCraft’s 20th birthday. 

Everything from Sarah’s iconic goggles, armor and gun are all recreated beautifully and best of all, just like the skin, it’s a great combination of two Blizzard fandoms. 

Over on Instagram, the cosplayer revealed that she crafted both the costume and the wig, making the whole getup all the more impressive given the fact she designed it for her own body.

While Widowmaker has always been a popular hero to dress up as, the Kerrigan skin removes the need for purple skin. Or green as the skin is a reference to the StarCraft hero’s time as a Terran Ghost before she became The Queen of Blades in the Zerg faction.

Amusingly, Kerrigan’s story arc in StarCraft may be mirrored with Widowmaker in Overwatch. In the RTS campaign, Kerrigan is abandoned by Arcturus Mengsk after the Zerg swarm overrun the Terran.

In the next race’s storyline, it’s revealed that the human Kerrigan had become infected and turned into a weapon of war for the alien species and use her to help crush the Protoss.

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Обещанный пост по крафту часть 1 (процесс создания костюма Вдовы Керриган) :relieved: Листай карусель :arrow_right:️ Ph: @maxambio Я начала собирать в коллажи процесс создания костюма от выкроек до промежуточного результата, и поняла, что в один пост всё никак не влезет :person_facepalming:‍♀️ Поэтому я сделаю ещё один пост 🙂 А возможно, целых два. Честно сказать, для создания этого костюма и выкроек я не использовала никаких туториалов. Всё по наитию и на глаз :eyes: Выкройки в первом коллаже, а нагрудник во втором. Я не знаю правильно ли я сделала нагрудник (есть подозрение, что я нарушила технологию), но он держится отлично и сидит на мне идеально :ok_hand:Креатив считаю успешным :sunglasses: Всё склеено 88 клеем и задремелино гравером "Зенит":ok_hand:За советы и тёмную еву спасибо @racoon.paladin :relieved: За материалы спасибо @craftshop.in.ua (Ева :top:, прозрачный материал – пет арт)

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Once the Zerg Overmind is defeated in the final chapter of the original campaign, Kerrigan takes control of the remaining forces and uses them to annihilate her foes in the Brood War expansion. 

In StarCraft 2, Kerrigan is freed from the Zerg spell and fights for good once again. However, her time as the infected antagonist was enough to earn her “greatest video game villain of all time” honors in a 2010 GameSpot poll. 

In Overwatch, Widowmaker was brainwashed by the group Talon to kill her husband, Gérard Lacroix and further assist the terrorist organization. 

With Overwatch 2 announced at Blizzcon, it will be interesting to see how Widowmaker’s story develops and if she can be turned good again just as Kerrigan did. 

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