Disturbing Venom cosplay goes viral on TikTok using stomach-churning ingredients


A TikTok has gone viral showing off a man who used some food ingredients to turn himself into the Spider-Man villain Venom — and it’s unbelievably gross.

Venom has been all over the news as of late. The black symbiote recently joined Fortnite as a new skin, and the sequel to his first stand-alone movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage is on the way this year.

While Venom has been a popular Marvel villain to cosplay as, one TikToker took this to the next level by only using food to create his costume.

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venom fortniteEpic Games
Venom joining the Fortnite universe.

Viral Venom TikTok

TikToker Gianluca Busani went viral with his cosplay of Venom, which included a mix of painting himself black and using three different raw foods: beef, onion, and pumpkin seeds. The seeds made up Venom’s teeth, onion the eyes, and beef for the huge tongue.

The onions made for a great way to recreate Venom’s big white eyes, and their bubbliness is quite nasty to look at.

It’s a disturbing video, as the Venom movie song from rapper Eminem plays while Busani shows off the final product. Venom is already a gross character with a giant sloppy tongue, but this somehow builds on that, as his massive tongue is floppy and gross when replicated with raw beef.

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Gianluca’s page is dedicated to cosplaying different pop culture characters using food as the base for each costume. He’s also cosplayed as Frieza from Dragon Ball Z, Carnage from Marvel, and Ryuk from Death Note on his TikTok page which currently has over 60k followers.

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