Overwatch cosplayer is ready for Summer Games as adorable Honeydew Mei

Overwatch Honeydew Mei cosplaylynniequin, Blizzard Entertainment

Mei has become one of Overwatch’s most recognizable faces, and one cosplayer has showed off her love for the icy DPS with this stunning Honeydew Mei cosplay. 

Overwatch’s resident snow queen, Mei, has won the hearts of countless players. While she looks adorable, her kit is deceptively powerful, making her quite the formidable opponent.

Coming into the title’s highly anticipated sequel, the Chinese DPS has received a cosmetic overhaul, but some of her skins in the base title still remain her best.

One of these is her Honeydew outfit, and this cosplayer has brought it into real life with a perfect recreation of the iconic skin.

overwatch 2 meiBlizzard Entertainment
Coming into Overwatch 2, Mei has a more streamlined outfit.

Overwatch Honeydew Mei cosplay

Celebrating the summer in style with the iconic bubble tea themed skin, Twitch streamer and cosplayer lynniequin has transformed herself into the boba wielding DPS.

Sporting that adorable green and yellow waitress-inspired outfit with the matching hat, lynnie is truly channelling her inner honeydew!

To make things even sweeter, she’s also got a melon bubble tea on hand ready to serve. Every tiny detail is perfect – from the little winking fruits on her outfit to those satin white gloves, this cosplay brings Mei into the real world.

This sentiment echoes the fan reaction, which lynnie told Dexerto “has been extremely positive! I’ve been getting numerous of comments that I actually bring Mei to life and that makes me very happy.”

Lynniequin loves how Mei dismantles stereotypes

This isn’t her first time at the Overwatch cosplay rodeo, though. “I actually actively play Overwatch every night! I play community games with my viewers on Twitch typically on a Friday, as well.

“In terms of cosplaying characters from Overwatch, this is my second hero, and D.Va being my first,” she told Dexerto. “However, this cosplay is inspired by my personal community because they were all aching for me to cosplay Mei, so there is a lot of gratitude towards my community!”

Lynnie chose to transform into Mei for multiple reasons. “I always love to cosplay characters with Asian background,” she states. “And what I love about Mei is that she is not the assumed body type of an Asian woman.”

Shattering stereotypes and taking names, she also wanted to channel Honeydew Mei as “it is a Summer skin from Overwatch and I wanted to get in the spirit and make sure people stay hydrated!

Speaking of summery skins, Overwatch’s annual Summer Games have finally arrived, and Lynnie all hyped up.

“I LOVE IT!” she writes. “I really adore Mei’s new skin and Ashe’s as well. They are all so fun and I can’t wait to try my luck with unlocking them!”

We can’t wait to join her on that journey via Twitch, but equally we can’t wait to see what cosplay she chooses to pull off next. With Halloween Terror on the horizon, who knows, maybe we’ll see a spooky Shin-Ryeong D.Va cosplay!