Over the Garden Wall cosplayers confront the Beast as female Wirt & Greg

Brent Koepp
over the garden wall cosplay

[jwplayer MDxzN19r]A talented cosplay duo has brought Over the Garden Wall to life with their insanely accurate costumes of Wirt and Greg. The pair’s adorable female twist on the Cartoon Network animation is one of the best things you’ll see today.

Over the Garden Wall made its debut in November 2014, and captivated audiences with its classic animation style, and surreal fantasy world. The limited series has become a cult hit and garnered a dedicated fan base. The story was created by Patrick McHale, and starred Hollywood actor Elijah Wood.

A cosplay duo transformed themselves into the show’s protagonists Wirt and Greg, giving the characters an epic female spin. The pair’s photos are so good, it’s almost as if the two brothers have stumbled out of the woods and into real life.

wirt greg over the garden wall
The 2014 animation about two brothers lost in the woods has become a cult classic.

Cosplayers bring Over the Garden Wall to life

Over the Garden the Wall is about two brothers called Wirt & Greg who soon discover that they are lost in the woods. They embark on a journey into a surreal world of talking animals and vegetables as they try to find their way back home.

Cosplay duo Emma ‘emmaskies‘ and Rachel ‘raierae‘ shared their true-to-life take on the siblings in a perfect re-creation. Photographer ‘okaykibz‘ captured the artists depicting a scene from the show, as the two travel through the dark forest.

The pair absolutely nail their portrayals of each character, as Emma holds the iconic woodsman lantern from the story to ward off the Beast that stalks them. The outdoor shot truly brings the beloved animation to life like never before.


In another picture, Emma shows off how detailed her Wirt costume is. The cosplayer faithfully mimicked his red cone hat, as well as his buttoned up blue and red cape which drapes over her shoulders. Instead of pants, she cleverly has the character’s suspenders tie into her grey skirt.


Over on Rachel’s account, the artist gave a greater glimpse at how she pulled off Greg’s look. She cleverly converted his clothes into a dress, while adorably holding a plush of the character’s pet frog named Jason Funderburker. Tying the whole thing together, the cosplayer wears his iconic upside down teapot on her head, which was created by ‘dagger0621‘.


Despite only being 10 episodes, the mini-series was overwhelmingly praised by critics as a modern day Alice in Wonderland. The show has become a cult classic, and has grown a large audience over the years.

Those wanting to catch the groundbreaking animation can watch it in its entirety on streaming service Hulu. It can also be purchased on digital storefronts such as Apple TV and Amazon.