Fortnite fans love new leaked Raccoon skin for “Over the Hedge” duo squad

Rory Teale
Over The Hedge

Fortnite fans have gone wild over the new leaked Raccoon skin and claimed they would immediately use it to recreate an iconic “Over the Hedge” duo.

Epic games have continued their trend of introducing more and more fantastic skins from iconic video games, movies, and pop culture brands.

Most recently, on February 9, Epic Games released the Fortnite x TMNT Cowabunga Event which came with some awesome skins like the Turtles themselves, Shredder, and Super Shredder.

There have been leaks that a Raccoon skin will allegedly be added to the game, and immediately players were keen to recreate one movie duo.

Fortnite fans demand “Over the Hedge” Squad

Fortnite players went wild over the idea of recreating an iconic Over The Hedge duo, which consisted of the turtle Verne and RJ the Raccoon:

“Fortnite duos just got interesting,” said one player.

Fans of Over the Hedge couldn’t contain their excitement for the opportunity to play as Verne and RJ, enough excitement for some veterans to even redownload the game.

“Redownloading Fortnite just to buy the raccoon skin,” said one person. “BRO OVER THE HEDGE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES TOP TEN GOAT!!!” agreed another Fortnite fan.

However, while others thought the duo was cool, they stated they were going to use the skin to recreate the Mordecai and Rigby duo from the popular “Regular Show”: “We can now do Mordecai and Rigby too,” said one person.

Still, the Fortnite raccoon skin is only a leak currently, so players will have to contain their excitement until they get an opportunity to get their hands on the skin in the item shop.

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