My Hero Academia puts incredible female spin on Izuku Midoriya

Published: 18/Jul/2020 21:00

by Brent Koepp


A My Hero Academia cosplayer went viral after bringing the show’s protagonist Izuku Midoriya to life with a female twist. The artist’s creative portrayal of the anime character will leave fans stunned. 

My Hero Academia made shockwaves with its epic 2016 debut, and has since become a cultural phenomena. Viewers from around the world can’t get enough of its story about a high school that trains teens with superpowers called quirks.

A talented artist went viral after sharing her transformation into anime lead Izuku Midoriya’s alter ego, Deku. Her creative costume gives the beloved green-haired character a female spin, and is one of the best things you will see all week.

midoriya going plus ultra my hero academia
Crunchyroll / Bones
Izuku Midoriya is the leader protagonist in the 2016 hit anime My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia cosplayer’s female Midoriya

The popular anime centers on protagonist Izuku Midoriya whose dream is to protect those in need. Unfortunately for the lovable character, he’s born quirkless. However, his fate changes when the world’s number one hero All Might decides to pass on his powers to him.

Prolific cosplayer ‘Sparkle Stache‘ transformed into Deku, bringing him to life with a creative female twist. Photographer ‘‘ captured her striking a pose in the character’s green and black hero uniform which she cleverly re-imagined into a bodysuit.

In the show, Midoriya has short messy green hair, which Sparkle perfectly captured with her wavy green locks that fall to her shoulders.The artist looks ready to jump into battle as she holds up Izuku’s metal mouth guard to mirror the hero’s fighting stance.

In another shot taken by ‘camizzleful_photography‘, the cosplayer shows off her full costume. Her re-creation of the protagonist’s uniform is full of details, from the red pouches and belt that hang around her waist, to the life-size prop re-creation of his black shin guards.


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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Sparkle also creatively brought Izuku’s ‘One For All’ quirk to life by using light up shoes. The footwear mimics the green energy that shoots out of him when he powers up.  In the series, his eyes also start to glow, which the artist incredibly pulled off .

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Dekuuu!!! I love this dang broccolli so much. Still making a few changes and tweaks to this cosplay! I cant wait to wear it again! ?? Are you excited for the animes return in October? ? @mvm__photography

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My Hero Academia originally made its debut in 2014 as a manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. However, it exploded in popularity with its anime adaption by studio Bones. The animation recently wrapped up its fourth arc in April.

For everything we know so far about its fifth season return, check out our guide here. Those wanting to catch up in time can watch all episodes on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.


Darling in the Franxx cosplayer wows as Studio Trigger protagonist Zero Two

Published: 5/Jan/2021 18:56 Updated: 5/Jan/2021 18:58

by Brent Koepp


A Darling in the Franxx cosplayer made waves on Instagram after bringing the show’s beloved heroine, Zero Two, to life with a mind-blowing costume.

Darling in the Franxx made its debut in 2018, and quickly the won hearts of fans around the world with its sci-fi/romance plot. The anime project was a joint collaboration between Studio Trigger and CloverWorks.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the breakout series by sharing her true-to-life take on its lead heroine Zero Two. Her insanely accurate portrayal of the protagonist will be sure to leave fans in awe.

Screenshot of Darling in the Franxx anime protagonist Zero Two.
Studio Trigger / CloverWorks
The pink-haired heroine stars in the 2018 Studio Trigger anime.

Darling in the Franxx cosplayer brings Zero Two to life

The hit anime takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction from large creatures called Klaxosaurs. As a last line of defense, children are artificially created to fly mecha called Franxx to fight the aliens. Teenagers such as protagonist Zero Two attend school to learn how to pilot the giant machinery.

Cosplayer ‘pinya_reich‘ went viral on Instagram after bringing the series’ lead heroine to life with an incredible costume. Photographer ‘VALKEN_ZERO‘ captured the artist posing in the character’s iconic red and white trimmed academy uniform.

Pinya faithfully re-created Zero Two’s pose directly from the anime while showing off her detailed outfit. The artist accurately depicted the her school dress, including the black stripes that run under her arm and down each shoulder, as well as the tie.

In another picture posted to social media, the cosplayer gave fans a closer view at how she captured the pink-haired character’s signature look. On top of her flowing pink hair, the artist used a prop headband with two red-horns sticking out of each side. In the story, Zero Two has Klaxosaur blood in her.

Despite the series’ immense popularity, there has been no news on a potential season two so far. Fortunately, fans can also read the manga adaptation, which ended in January 2020, to get their fix.

Those interested in seeing what all the hype is about can catch all episodes right now on popular anime streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.