Attack on Titan cosplayer joins the fight in viral Mikasa Ackerman video

. 2 years ago
Funimation / Instagram: @melissa_lissova

An Attack on Titan cosplayer brought Mikasa Ackerman to life in a stunning viral video. The artist’s accurate portrayal of the anime heroine is so good, it’s almost as if she’s slashed her way out of the screen. 

Attack on Titan made its explosive television debut in 2013, and gripped viewers from around the world with its brutally dark story. The popular anime has connected with millions and has become a cultural phenomena over the last decade.

A talented cosplayer went viral with her transformation into the show’s lead heroine Mikasa Ackerman. The artist brings the character to life with a jaw-dropping costume, and is the perfect way to get hyped for its fourth and final season.

Mikasa is one of the most powerful characters in Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan cosplayer goes viral as Mikasa

The popular anime’s first season centers on protagonist Eren Yeager and his adopted sister Mikasa joining the military. The duo enlist in the Survey Corps, which travel outside of the walls to reclaim lost territory from the titans.

Prolific cosplayer ‘melissa_lissova‘ transformed into Ackerman, and went viral on Instagram with her perfect portrayal of the anime heroine. In the clip, she shows off her prop blades which are used to cut the necks of the giants.

The artist’s costume is full of detail, including a life-size recreation of the character’s vertical maneuvering equipment which sits on both sides of her hips. Melissa truly brings the anime to life, as she recreates Mikasa’s fighting stance from the show while swinging her weapons.

The cosplayer absolutely nailed the Attack on Titan heroine’s signature appearance, mirroring her short black bob haircut with her parted bangs in the middle. The artist depicted Ackerman’s first season look, which includes her brown military jacket, and iconic red scarf.

In another photo posted to her social media, Melissa also showed off her second Survey Corps hooded cape which soldiers wear in the story to protect them from the elements, while also hiding their face.

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