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My Hero Academia cosplayer stands tall as monumental Mt. Lady

Published: 29/Dec/2021 3:54

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Mariah Mallad, a super popular cosplayer known as Momokun on Instagram, dipped her feet into the My Hero Academia universe by turning herself into the all-powerful Mt. Lady.

Mt. Lady, whose real name is Yu Takeyama, is the No. 23 Pro Hero in My Hero Academia. Her quirk, Gigantification, lets her become gigantic – 2062cm tall, to be exact. That means she gets lots of attention.

Being in the spotlight has caused her to become a little vain. In fact, Mt. Lady has no qualms about using her sex appeal to make herself more popular among fans. But despite that, she’s committed to saving lives.


My Hero Academia Mt. Lady cosplay
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Mt. Lady’s quirk makes her as tall as some buildings.

Momokun, a self-professed lover of anime and cosplay, is one of the most-followed cosplayers on Instagram. She has a whopping 1.4 million followers on the platform and even has her own studio, The Peachy Collective.

She’s cosplayed everything from Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu to Overwatch’s Mei. For one of her latest projects, she turned herself into Mt. Lady. Needless to say, it turned out absolutely flawless from head to toe.

It captures everything from the purple, white, and orange skintight bodysuit to the purple gloves, mask, and curved horns. Fans described it as “amazing, perfect, and absolutely dynamite,” and we couldn’t agree more.


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As for what motivated her to do it, Momokun said: “She’s got a big a** and snacks a lot, so I love her. Don’t ask questions.”

It’s another masterclass from the top-tier cosplayer, and it shows once again why many consider her to be at the top of the game.