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My Hero Academia cosplayer melts hearts as female Todoroki Shoto

Published: 23/Apr/2020 0:35 Updated: 23/Apr/2020 1:38

by Virginia Glaze


With season four of My Hero Academia in the books, fans are more antsy than ever for new content from the popular anime series — and thankfully, cosplayers are here to save the day.

The last few episodes of MHA season four centered around the current number one hero, Endeavor, the father of popular character and UA attendee Todoroki Shoto.

Known for his half-and-half ice and fire powers, Shoto is hailed as one of the best-loved students in UA among fans — and it’s easy to see why, given his intriguing backstory and incredibly powerful quirk.

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Todoroki Shoto is one of MHA’s most popular characters among fans, best-known for his half-ice, half-fire quirk.

With this in mind, it comes as little surprise that fans love cosplaying as the young hero-in-training, with some putting unique spins on an already unique character.


Alabama-based cosplayer ‘Kazza Bear Cosplay’ took the opportunity to do just that, putting a feminine spin on the male student with a few artful alterations.

While Todoroki usually boasts shaggy, straight hair, Kazza opted for a curly half-and-half wig, cutting the bangs straight across in an ultra-cute hairstyle.

As for Todoroki’s hero costume, the cosplayer cut his signature jumpsuit’s long pants into shorts, likewise opting for heeled boots and an open neckline.

The end result is a charming version of Todoroki that fans have never seen before, giving a fun and feminine spin to a character who’s all the rage among UA’s female students.


Todoroki isn’t the only character she’s cosplayed from MHA, either; she’s likewise taken on electrifying student Kaminari Denki and series protagonist Deku, who she even took into the woods for a rendition of his fantasy-themed outfit from the ending sequence of season two.

That’s not all: she even brought out her take on the Big Three’s Amaji Kitamaki, photoshopping on octopus fingers in a mind-blowing show of special effects as a way to recreate his unique quirk of taking on traits from the food he eats.

Considering the wide scope of her talents, there’s no telling which hero she’ll take on next — but we can bet that we’ll be mind-blown no matter who she chooses!