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My Hero Academia cosplayer goes viral as hugely impressive Mt Lady

Published: 10/Jul/2020 9:07

by Isaac McIntyre


A My Hero Academia cosplayer has gone viral for their stunning take on the super-sized heroine Mt Lady. The artist’s perfect recreation captures the gigantic hero perfectly, and fans are already loving the cosplay!

Most of the super-popular My Hero Academia anime series focuses on main characters like Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka. There are plenty of other heroes roaming the wide world, however, including the flirtatious Yu Takeyama.

Titanic heroine Takeyama, who is better known in the show by her moniker Mt Lady, is one of the first crime fighters Midoriya goes to see in the opening episode of the series. She is part of “The Lurkers” group alongside Edgeshot and Kamui Woods.


Super-sized heroine Mt Lady has a cult following inside the My Hero Academia show and out.
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Super-sized heroine Mt Lady has a cult following inside the My Hero Academia show and out.

Mt Lady is also one of the heroes that has her own fanbase, both in the show and out. In the series, fans chase after The Lurkers to get her signature. The super-sized heroine often gets free food and gifts because she’s so popular.

Hendoart unveils eye-catching Mt Lady cosplay

Talented model and artist Sarah ‘hendoart’ Hendo brought the giant heroine to life in a larger than life cosplay. The American model ⁠— who also streams on Twitch ⁠— said Mt Lady is one of her favorite characters, though she “wants to make them all!”

She certainly knocked it out of the park too, almost as high as Mt Lady herself. Outside of the hero’s growing powers, her main costume features are based around her stylish face mask and purple horns. Hendo had them both.


In fact, she designed the worbla mask herself, though the horns were made by her friend and fellow cosplay artist Kinpatsu. Both features are amazing too; Hendo looks just like the MHA character, even down to the long blonde hair.


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I dunno if having horns would make me hit my head on stuff less or more… #MtLady #BNHA #MHA #BNHACosplay

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Finally, Mt Lady’s tight-but-stretchy jumpsuit, which expands with her when she grows, was the main section of Hendo’s cosplay. She certainly got that right too ⁠— the white highlights and orange trim brings the whole hero suit together.

According to Hendo, however, it wasn’t totally fun making the costume before she got in front of the cameras. In fact, it was a real pain: “This suit was surprisingly tedious to sew! I want to do all the characters… but it’s such a pain in the butt.”


Hendo unveiled her stunning take on the My Hero Academia heroine Mt Lady on Instagram.
Instagram: hendoart
Hendo unveiled her stunning take on the My Hero Academia heroine Mt Lady on Instagram.

Despite the problems Hendo seems to have had while she was making the costumes, she did say she’d be doing more My Hero Academia costumes and outfits in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that on her Instagram page.

She’s already got a few other stunning MHA outfits on there too, including Fatgum. She’s also done a ton of other pop-culture costumes, from Spider-Man and Psylocke, to Overwatch hero D.Va and Game of Thrones Queen Daenerys Targaryen, and plenty more.

The My Hero Academia anime series has become a cultural juggernaut since its debut back in 2016. The animation wrapped up its fourth season in April. For everything we know about the show’s return, check out our guide here.