My Hero Academia cosplayer melts hearts as Todoroki with female twist

Isaac McIntyre

A My Hero Academia cosplayer has melted hearts with her stunning cosplay depiction of aspiring superhero Shoto Todoroki, who can bend fire and ice to his will, complete with an amazing female twist.

Shoto Todoroki is one of MHA’s most powerful characters. Currently enrolled in U.A. High alongside series faves like Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka, Todoroki often stands out thanks to his half-fire and half-ice quirk.

Fans don’t just love Todoroki for his devastating hot and cold powers, though they are pretty impressive. His four-season long arc surrounding his hate for his father, current number one hero Endeavor, is what lifts Todoroki into a fan-favorite in the super-popular anime series.

Shoto Todoroki cosplay burns bright

Talented model and artist ‘amnesiahaze’ brought the aspiring hero to life with a mind-blowing Shoto Todoroki cosplay. It’s so good, fans can practically feel the heat and cold pouring out of the picture she snapped!

In a July 4 post on Instagram, the artist showed off the jaw-dropping costume, complete with Shoto’s iconic face-burn. In the series, Todoroki is permanently scarred by his mother due to the fact he “looks so much like Endeavor.”

Shoto Todoroki glares in My Hero Academia.
Todoroki Shoto is one of MHA’s most popular characters among fans, best-known for his half-ice, half-fire quirk.

It was a part of the cosplay Amnesia told Dexerto she “focused on the most”. It definitely shows! She looks to have got Shoto’s scar just right, spread across the side of her face like a brand. It matches perfectly with her half-red, half-white hair.

Perhaps the most stunning part of the outfit ⁠— outside of the makeup work, of course ⁠— is the post-production fire and ice Amnesia added around her costume. It feels like Todoroki is already ready for battle because of the effects.

Finally, the MHA cosplayer added a neck-high, dark blue jacket, to evoke the UA High outfits the My Hero Academia characters wear in most episodes of the show. Amnesia revealed she even “used what she had,” just modifying it slightly to work.


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“Complex” Todoroki the perfect choice

The talented cosplayer told Dexerto she sees Shoto Todoroki as “a very complex character” after sharing her image on Instagram. “He has always lived denying his origins, a part of himself. The story of his childhood fascinated me. I feel close to him.” She added she wanted to tell his story with the “burn on his face.”

Can’t get enough of My Hero Academia cosplays, or just think amnesiahaze portrayed Shoto just right? Good news; she gave Dexerto the tip she’s planning on doing a Deku cosplay next, so keep your eyes peeled for that soon!

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