Gym Leader Nessa shows who’s boss in epic Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplay

Meg Bethany Koepp
Nessa poses in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Nessa is one of the fiercest Gym Leaders in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and a talented Nintendo Switch fan brought her to life with an incredible cosplay take on the Water-type Trainer.

In Sword and Shield, Hulbury city’s Nessa is the second Gym Leader players face on their journey to defeat Leon and become Champion.

Her strong personality quickly made her a fan-favorite with Trainers, and cosplayer Magenta ‘littlebink’ is no different to this, as she shared a truly epic take on the Water expert.

Nessa walks onto the pitch in Pokemon Sword and Shield
Nessa is a strong Water fighter.

Splashing Nessa cosplay

In the Nintendo title, the Leader wears her love for her Gym on her sleeve, or – quite literally – on her shirt, with a giant water droplet splashed right on the front. The Australian artist replicates this perfectly, and even includes the fighter’s text scrawled across it.

The Water boss also sports matching shorts with the number 049 on, which is her Trainer number and can be read as yasai in Japanese to mean “swim” in English.

Again, this is something the cosplayer mimics effortlessly, and even includes different types of Pokeballs on her belt to pull the whole look together.

In another shot posted to her Instagram, Magenta poses by a pool to really bring out the Water-type atmosphere of the Pokemon figure, and looks right at home.

Nessa also wears large gold hoop earrings, and a droplet necklace alongside her battle gear, and again, this is something that the cosplayer adds in for a perfectly accurate take.

The artist’s rendition is truly one of the best representations of the character we’ve ever seen, and it really does look like she’s just jumped right out of the game and into real life.

Pokemon Sword & Shield has gone on to break Nintendo Switch sales records since its release in November 2019, and has since been given the title of the fastest selling game on the console to date.

It sold over six million copies in its opening weekend alone, proving that new players and fans of the franchise alike absolutely love the latest addition to the series – and cosplayers are no exception.

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