Meg Turney has perfect response to Rainbow 6 Caveira cosplay criticism

Brent Koepp
meg turney rainbow 6 cosplay

Popular cosplayer Meg Turney hilariously hit back at criticism over her Rainbow 6 Caveira costume. The personality had the best response to a fan’s over-analyzing comment on her work.

Cosplaying isn’t just a hobby for many creators – it’s an art form in itself. Talented artists spend endless hours bringing our favorite film and game characters to life with their incredible costumes.

However, despite all the hard work, some viewers can be a little too critical about an outfit not being absolutely perfect. And when this happened to popular cosplayer Meg Turney, she had the perfect response.

Meg Turney’s perfect response to cosplay critic

On July 19, the popular cosplayer re-posted her insanely accurate 2019 costume of Rainbow Six Siege Operator ‘Caveira’ to Instagram. However, one viewer critiqued the costume for not having the exact specific gun model in the game.

“Really well done. However, you selected the wrong pistol to recreate caveira’s Lusion. It appears that you used a colt 1911, when her gun is a Beretta M92f. Apart from that, your costume is really well made,” the fan told her. Turney replied to the user and said, “oh my actual f**k it’s a costume for fun times lol.”

The exchange went viral after R6 EU League commentator ‘Geo’ tweeted out a screenshot of it, which included Turney’s response to the critique. “This comment and response on Meg Turney’s Instagram f**king killed me,” she said.

The popular cosplayer hilariously followed up Geo’s post, and explained, “I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I actually just got whatever airsoft pistol was the cheapest on Amazon and also came with a little plastic silencer lol.”

meg turney twitter cosplay
The popular cosplayer hilariously revealed the prop gun was an airsoft pistol.

After some viewers took issue with her response, the personality made a post on her social media, and clarified that she was just having “fun” with the critique, and explained that she has no issue with people critiquing her work.

“…Y’all ain’t responsible enough for me to have fun with a critique. Guys, I’ve been on the Internet for 87 damn years – I know s**t gets critiqued. As a content creator, I’ve chosen to have fun with that stuff for my own sanity – it’s not that serious,” she wrote.

meg turney instagram comment cosplay
The cosplayer took to social media to explain that she wasn’t actually mad with the criticism.

Various cosplayers on social media reacted to the comment, and revealed how frustrating it can be to work countless hours on a cosplay, only for someone to nitpick one specific thing. However, Turney reiterated that she was just having “fun” with her response.

Criticisms aside, the cosplay star’s take on the Rainbow 6 operator is insanely detailed. Photographer atwes‘s incredible work brings the character to life. We liked the costume so much, it was on our top 10 cosplays of 2019.

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