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Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer leads the Kyoshi Warriors as Suki

Published: 20/Jul/2020 1:05

by Meg Bethany Koepp


An Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer shared an amazing take on Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. It is so good, it literally looks as though she’s sliced her way out of the screen.

Despite ending in 2008, Avatar is one of the most popular animations of all time. It follows the story of Aang, a 12-year-old Air Nomad who gets trapped in ice for 100 years. He is freed by Sokka and Katara from the Southern Water Tribe, and sets off on an adventure with his friends to defeat the Fire Nation and Lord Ozai with the four elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Along the way, the group travel to Kyoshi Island where they meet the Warriors – a fierce troop of females skilled in the art of fighting. They are led by Suki, an assertive and brave woman of action. Cosplayer ‘mk_ays‘ decided to bring her to life, and it looks incredible.

kyoshi warriors avatar the last airbender
The Kyoshi Warriors are from Kyoshi Island, named after the earthbender Avatar.

Avatar cosplayer’s Suki take

The Kyoshi Warriors are famous for their striking makeup which consists of a white face with red eyeshadow that extends straight down from the inner corners of the eyes to the middle of the nose. It is inspired by Avatar Kyoshi, who originally founded the island and the all-female fighting group.

Ays nails her look perfectly, even extending her eyebrows at the front to match and blend into the eyeshadow seamlessly. She pairs it off with a matching red lip, which stands out boldly against the white base.

The cosplayer also gets the metal headdress down to a tee, and uses golden tassels on each side of the headgear to frame her face. She truly does look like a character from the show.

In another shot, the Russian holds Suki’s fan over one side of her face. In the animation, the group uses metal fans as their main weapons as they allow them to be more offensive and quick on their feet.

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Miss me?? one more pic of my lovely character from the last Airbender – Suki❤️? Do you have any ideas for me about new characters for cosplay or cosplay tests? I’ll be happy to know what you would like to see from me❤️ Please don’t suggest me Rias Gremory, I remember about her all time and will try to make her soon? . Скучали?? ещё один пост с моей любимой девочкой из Аватара Аанга – Суюки❤️? Кстати, возможно у вас есть какие-то пожелания для меня о персонажах для полных косплеев или закосов? Мне будет интересно узнать, что бы вы хотели увидеть❤️ . #avatar #avatarthelastairbender #avatarcosplay #avatarthelastairbendercosplay #thelastairbender #aang #avatarthelegendofaang #atla #atlacosplay #suki #kyoshi #kyoshiwarrior #kyoshiwarriorcosplay

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If this has given you the urge to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, then you’re in luck. Netflix added every season to its lineup back in May, so you can binge Aang’s adventures to your heart’s content.

The service is also bringing the animation to life in the form of a live action drama. For everything we know about it so far, check out our guide here.


Demon Slayer cosplayer transforms into beautiful butterfly Shinobu Kocho

Published: 29/Nov/2020 13:10

by Andrew Amos


Shinobu Kocho might look innocent from afar, but if you’re a demon and you get too close, you’ll see the deadly side of the butterfly. She’s a popular Demon Slayer character to cosplay, but ‘aka_purin’ has truly put together one of the most beautiful designs yet.

Shinobu Kocho is a fan-favorite in Demon Slayer, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the Demon Corps member possess incredible powers to heal friends and harm demons, but she is one of the most beautiful characters in the show.

Her personality is a difficult one to channel though. While she’s seemingly innocent on the outside, deep inside of her, there’s a rebellious rage to get revenge.

Demon Slayer Cosplay Shinobu Kocho
Viz Media
Shinobu Kocho is a dazzling and powerful Demon Slayer.

It’s one thing to make a cosplay, put it on, and take a picture. It’s another thing to really channel what a character is all about, and that’s what sets ‘aka_purin’ apart from the other Shinobu cosplayers.

Sharing the intricate design on her Twitter, the Polish cosplayer spared no expense and left no stone unturned in her flawless design. Her hair and makeup is perfect, even getting the butterflies pinned.

She also created her special katana, which is based on an insect’s “stinger” more than a blade itself. The tattered, battle-worn hilt and blade is a wonderful addition to the cosplay that really ties it all together.

That’s the special thing about purin’s cosplay too. Every element just ties everything together. While even just one of these things would be pretty special in a cosplay, being able to jam it all in one photo is the most beautiful thing of all.


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The Shinobu design might be her latest, but she’s unsure on what her next project will be. “I feel like I’m having an art block lately. I just have so many ideas and costumes to shoot but I just can’t put myself up for it,” she admitted on her Instagram.

No matter what it is though, we bet Purin will knock our socks off.