League players fall in love with charming Blood Moon Evelynn cosplay

Andrew Amos

League of Legends fans have been absolutely charmed by Veena’s Blood Moon Evelynn cosplay, with the American-based cosplayer showing it off for the first time at KatsuCon a couple of weeks ago and receiving widespread praise for it.

Blood Moon Evelynn is a majestic take on League’s resident succubus. The champion is often a hit at cosplay conventions as one of the game’s most popular characters, and it’s easy to see why.

American cosplayer Veena decided that she’d give the champion’s oriental-themed skin a crack, but added a few twists on the original design.

Blood Moon Evelynn skin in League of Legends
Blood Moon Evelynn is one of the succubus’ most popular skins.

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With the help of concept artist and illustrator Erai Violett, the cosplayer pulled off a stunning rendition of League’s Blood Moon Evelynn skin.

Although it’s not a perfect recreation of the original players see in game, it didn’t need to be, with Veena instead choosing to add her own personal flair.

Instead of donning a black dress to enchant her enemies, Veena opted for a red and white robe like Erai used in their 2018 design.

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Where Veena did stick to tradition though was in the small touches. Her nails were the same fluorescent blue as Evelynn’s in the skin, while a lot of effort went into making the perfect headdress.

From the horns on the front, to the makeup, Veena looked the part in her cosplay of League’s succubus. She pulled off a hairstyle closer to her blonde compared to the crimson red of the skin, instead adding a few touches of the vibrant color in her hair extensions.

LoL fans couldn’t help but be infatuated with the cosplay, with many professing their love for the twist Veena put on the costume thanks to EraiViolett’s design.

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Veena’s costume demonstrates that sometimes a perfect replica of a cosplay from the source isn’t the only way to make a great costume.

With her own personal touches, the American cosplayer made the cosplay suited to her, and still managed to pull it off as well as anyone who’d adapt the full get-up for themselves.

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