T1 Keria apologizes after changing his Worlds skin last-minute

Carver Fisher
T1 Keria apologizes for Worlds 2023 skin

Keria held a poll on Instagram, promising to give the champion who gets the most votes his Worlds 2023 skin. However, T1’s star support player went against the vote last minute and picked the champion that felt right to him.

The buzz surrounding T1’s commemorative Worlds 2023 skins has been all-encompassing. With the players picking skins for the champions they wanted to represent them rather than the ones that are most popular, it’s been an emotional ride for T1 fans.

First, it was Faker picking Orianna over Ahri. Then came the sudden news that Oner would be giving the skin to Poppy rather than Lee Sin. Both players decided against what they initially wanted after winning Worlds, ultimately going with the champions they thought would be best rather than who was most popular.

And, while Keria somewhat stuck to what he generally wanted after winning, he was really stuck between two champions.

Keria initially posted a poll on November 19 that let his fans vote for who should get the skin, and Bard won that initial poll.

However, Keria still wasn’t sure. He’d put up another poll on December 22 to give fans another opportunity to vote, and they’d ultimate decide on Renata at that time.

So, he formally submitted Renata as his vote but ultimately decided that it didn’t feel right to give the skin to Renata after the first poll voted for Bard. He was torn.

In the end, Keria reached out to Riot directly after the deadline was up and went against the most recent popular vote to pick the Champion that felt right to him.

T1 Keria changes his mind on Worlds 2023 skin

Keria’s path to getting the Worlds skin he wanted has been a surprisingly turbulent one, with the player ultimately being unable to get the Lux skin he really wanted since he didn’t get to play her.

However, even with Keria having already submitted his final vote to Riot as Renata, he went back in to change it and ultimately decided on Bard from the result of the initial poll.

With Keria having gone and changed his choice last-minute, now he really has to commit to Bard. Considering we’re past the deadline, all the T1 skins are locked in.

He apologized to both Riot and his viewers seeing as Renata won the poll, but the Bard mains out there are ecstatic after the results of the first poll were in their favor.

It’s safe to say someone like feviknight, one of the most well-known Bard players, is incredibly thrilled that he decided to go with Bard. Though Renata players are surely a bit sad about his sudden change.

The process of choosing which champions will get skins has been difficult for T1’s players, but they got there in the end.