League of Legends cosplayer stuns with Irelia’s Divine Sword outfit

Daniel Cleary

Popular cosplayer “Yuuno” has blown away League of Legends fans with an incredible costume inspired by Irelia’s Divine Sword skin.

Irelia has been one of the most popular champions in League of Legends since she was released during Season 1 in late 2010.

Despite not getting as much playtime in the current meta, she is still considered one of the most recognizable champions and her unique range of skins often makes her one of the go-to champions to cosplay.

Divine Sword Irelia is one of the champion’s most popular skins.

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The latest to bring the champion to life was popular cosplayer, Yuuno, who opted to recreate Irelia’s look from her Epic ‘Divine Sword’ skin.

Yuuno shared her cosplay of the Ionian champion on the League of Legends subreddit on April 4 where she was met with overwhelming praise for the outfit’s attention to detail.

The cosplayer admitted that she was yet to have a prop of Irelia’s floating blades to complete the look but was eager to share her the results of her hard work with fellow League of Legends fans.

Yuuno’s incredible take on Irelia’s Divine Sword skin.

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“Attempted to cosplay Divine Sword Irelia! Can’t wait to get the ‘floating’ swords prop soon!” she explained, “Hope you guys like it.”

Many fans commented in support, applauding her attention to detail particularly with Irelia’s signature headpiece and even her hairstyle which mirrored the champion’s look in-game.

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Her incredible Irelia outfit is not the only time that Yuuno has been inspired by a League of Legends’ champion skins for one of her cosplays.

Yuuno has pulled off some other impressive League of Legends cosplays in the past, such as when she took on the task of recreating the highly popular K/DA Akali in one of her last attempts.

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She has also cosplayed mid-lane assassin, Katarina, along with some incredible attempts at characters from other popular TV series and games.

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