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League cosplayer makes a splash with amazing Pool Party Zoe costume

Published: 24/Mar/2020 5:53

by Andrew Amos


Korean cosplayer ‘Hanna’ has made a splash in the League of Legends community after unveiling an amazing Pool Party Zoe design, just in time for the weather to start warming up.

While it’s a bit hard to go to the beach right now, there’s no denying ⁠— at least in the Northern hemisphere ⁠— that summer is on its way.

What better time to debut an amazing beach-inspired cosplay from LoL? Korean cosplayer Hanna has showed off her amazing Pool Party Zoe costume just in time for the warmer weather, and it’s got us all wishing we could dive in the ocean.

Riot Games
Summer time is approaching, and Hanna knows it, debuting her amazing Pool Party Zoe cosplay on March 22.

Hanna shared the cosplay for the first time to her adoring fans on Instagram on March 22, and it was met with much praise. The casual cosplay of League’s space wanderer might seem pretty stripped back, but the smaller details Hanna added really bring it all together.

It might seem as simple as donning a green dress ⁠— which she perfectly tailored for herself to look just like the in-game art ⁠— and a blue wig, but there are smaller parts to the whole design all over.

From the small rubber ducky floaties on her arms, to the flowers in her hair and the cuffs dotted around the place, Hanna’s cosplay ticks every box.

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조이 수영장파티 수중촬영 . ? @edomrode

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Pool Party Zoe isn’t Hanna’s first League of Legends inspired cosplay. The Korean designer loves to work with the Riot-developed MOBA franchise, cosplaying characters like Riven, Lulu, and Orianna in the past.

She’s also done designs for local Korean teams, like Gen.G and SK Telecom T1, developing team specific cosplays for Nidalee and Nami respectively, and even did a Cyber Pop Zoe cosplay for the League 10 celebrations in October 2019.

While those designs are a bit more extravagant than her most recent Zoe one, every cosplay is just as impressive as the rest when it comes down to the finer details.

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#tigernation #wearegeng #젠지콘 #gen.gcon #ggc2019 #geng

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Sometimes in cosplay simplicity is the way to go, and this Pool Party design shows just paying attention to the smaller details can really make a cosplay click.

LoL fans can probably expect more Pool Party cosplays to make their way into the limelight as the weather warms up too, even if everyone is locked inside for now.


Persona 5 cosplayer steals hearts as Ann Takamaki

Published: 29/Oct/2020 23:43

by Brent Koepp


A talented cosplayer brought Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki to life. The artist went viral on Instagram after transforming into the character’s Phantom Thief alter ego, Panther.

The Persona franchise originally made its debut back in 1996 on the PlayStation. However, the series became a mainstream success in 2016 with its fifth entry. Players and critics couldn’t get enough of its story about the Phantom Thieves.

The PlayStation 4 title was such a hit that it even got an ultimate edition called Royal in March. Celebrating the beloved release, a skilled cosplayer brought the RPG’s heroine Ann Takamaki to life with a jaw-dropping costume. 

Ann in persona 5
Sega / Atlus
The popular heroine is one of the main characters in Persona 5.

Persona cosplayer steals hearts as Panther

The story centers on a group of misfit high school students who acquire supernatural powers. The group ends up calling themselves the Phantom Thieves, and learn how to steal the desires of corrupt adults to change their hearts.

Cosplayer Vlada ‘tniwe’ transformed into popular character Ann Takamaki, whose alter ego is Panther. Incredibly, the artist faithfully captured the heroine’s iconic red bodysuit – which is designed after a feline.

Holding the Ann’s signature whip in her left hand, Vlada accurately re-created the character’s pose from the RPG. She even included little details in the picture, such as the warning police tape that pops up during the battle victory screen.


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In another shot posted to social media, the cosplayer gave fans a full view of her latex costume. The cosplay is so true to the game that it even includes the tail which hangs off the end of her back zipper.


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The cosplayer also posed for a close-up shot, nailing Takamaki’s look effortlessly. The artist perfectly captured her blonde braided hair which is styled in ponytails. Her striking blue eyes peer out as she lifts the mask off her face.


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In 2020, Persona 5 got a new edition called Royal. The remaster not only included a whole new character, but greatly expanded the game’s dungeons and boss fights.

The Atlus franchise has continued to explode in popularity. For the PlayStation 5’s launch, the 2016 title is included in the new PlayStation Plus collection.