League cosplayer takes the throne as Blade Queen Lissandra

Blade Queen Lissandra League of Legends CosplayGran Rojo Fotos / Riot Games

The Blade Queen Lissandra skin makes one of the fiercest League of Legends champions look even more imposing on the battlefield, and a cosplayer named Aoi Akari brought it to life. 

Lissandra, the Ice Witch is a popular choice among League of Legends players for a reason. She boasts the incredible power to combine ice and dark magic into something terrible – black ice.

She already looks intimidating by default, but the Blade Queen Lissandra skin makes her even scarier. Still, it hasn’t stopped League of Legends cosplayers from embracing their dark side and using their own magic to bring her to life in the real world.

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Blade Queen Lissandra League of Legends CosplayRiot Games
Lissandra is one of the most terrifying League of Legends champions, even without her Blade Queen skin.

Aoi Akari is a popular cosplayer with all kinds of stunning outfits. She’s created and worn almost everything under the sun. In one of her latest cosplays, she decided to show Blade Queen Lissandra from League of Legends some love.

The cosplay is perfect from head to toe. If you look closely, the attention to detail in everything from the skin tone and nails to the armor plates and headpiece is ridiculously good. The crests, patterns, and gems really stand out and look like the real deal.

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Even a brief glance on your feed is enough to spot the beautifully interwoven shades of green, purple, and brown. They all blend together in perfect harmony, and the awesome background effect makes it even better too.

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Aoi Akari was kind enough to include pictures with different angles and perspectives too. This one is a little closer and provides a better look at the headpiece and shoulders, which is definitely the highlight of the piece.

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But again, the attention to detail really shines through. Even the vicious snarl and lipstick tone are on point. Aoi Akari hasn’t missed a single thing, and her finesse is second to none.

The heart and soul of any cosplay piece is how authentic it looks. Aoi Akari hit the ball right out of the park with her Blade Queen Lissandra piece. It’s a work of art as far as craftsmanship goes.

However, she looks absolutely fantastic wearing it too. Her expressions and poses give off the right vibe. It really feels like Blade Queen Lissandra is staring into your soul. 

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