League cosplayer dances into battle as stellar Divine Sword Irelia

Divine Sword Irelia in League of Legends and cosplayer nymphahriRiot Games / Instagram: Nymphahri

Irelia might not be up there with the most popular champions to cosplay in League of Legends, but ‘nymphahri’ has taken the community by storm with her breathtaking Divine Sword Irelia.

Irelia isn’t just a fighter. She’s an eloquent one, using graceful movements on the battlefield to carefully tear through her enemies with her blades. She is steadfast to her Ionian spirit, remaining dedicated to protecting her homeland.

While she managed to fight back Noxus after the invasion with her dancing blades, she still yearns for peace in the region, where she can go back to dancing alone.

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Divine Sword Irelia in League of LegendsRiot Games
Irelia might not be as popular as Ahri or Akali, but a good cosplay of the Ionian dancer is just as beautiful.

The League of Legends champion has a wonderful story, but she doesn’t find herself in many cosplays. However, cosplayer ‘nymphahri’ has done Irelia justice, taking on her special Divine Sword Irelia skin and doing so perfectly.

Nymphahri has gotten the majestic costume down to a T. It’s an elegant dress fit for a dancer, with plenty of whites, golds, blues, and browns. The royal headdress is also a nice touch.

However, looks can be deceiving. Nymphahri’s Irelia cosplay definitely captures how dangerously lethal Irelia can be, even designing the champion’s blades for the cosplay.

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While she has Ahri in her name, this cosplay is seemingly one of nymphahri’s most popular. It’s easy to see why ⁠— when a under-represented champion gets such a stellar cosplay, fans from all departments flocked to praise it.

The cosplayer put a lot of effort into it, and she even said that it was one of the hardest cosplays she’s done to date. While she didn’t love it at first, she grew into it.

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A post shared by 🍑 Ahri 🍑 (@nymphahri)

“I made this cosplay last year and I’ve been really unlucky with it, both on personal and cosplay sides. So I decided to give it a try again because I worked a lot on Irelia’s swords and structure. Now I feel a little better about this costume,” she said on Instagram.

With Nymphahri feeling confident in her Irelia cosplay now, one can only hope she can dust it off at a convention soon and really let it shine.

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