League of Legends cosplayer leaves her mark as Spirit Blossom Kindred

League of Legends Spirit Blossom Kindred CosplayRiot Games / Instagram: @cata.leyah

Cosplayers love dressing up as their favorite League of Legends champions, but one of them has out-done herself and transformed into Spirit Blossom Kindred.

League of Legends boasts a list of many incredible champions, but it’s hard to find one more ethereal and mystical than Kindred, The Eternal Huntress.

Kindred is unique in the sense that it’s comprised of two entities. Lamb is the main one who moves and attacks. Wolf is the secondary one who is involved in some abilities and cannot be targeted by enemies.

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In terms of lore, they’re supposed to represent the two essences of death. Lamb claims the lives of those who accept their fate. Wolf, on the other hand, hunts down and crushes those who try to flee.

League of Legends Spirit Blossom Kindred CosplayRiot Games
Kindred is a ranged champion most commonly used in the jungle.

Kindred isn’t one of the strongest jungle champions by any stretch of the imagination, but it is one of the coolest. 

The two entities normally look like an imposing figure on the battleground. However, the Spirit Blossom skin turns them into an adorable purple-haired spirit huntress and her pet wolf.

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A cosplayer named cata.leyah decided to manifest Spirit Blossom Kindred in the real world, and the end result looks outstanding. “Here is my spirit blossom kindred cosplay,” she said. “I love it soooo much! It’s my fav cosplay until now!”


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Leah re-created Spirit Bossom Kindred to perfection. The hair, horns, the eyes, and the outfit itself are all on point. It walks the fine line between adorable and fierce.

To make it even more authentic, she included the yellow flower in her hair and the bows as well. It was a nice touch and one that rounds it out to be a complete piece. Leah really knows her League of Legends champions, and it shows.

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Leah’s picture has already generated almost two-thousand likes, and the numbers keep on rising. Some people in the comments said it’s the best Spirit Blossom Kindred cosplay they’ve ever seen.

It’s always nice to see fans bring their favorite League champs to life. However, it’s even better when it’s one as awesome and unique as Spirit Blossom Kindred.

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