Jax visual update confirmed and coming soon to League of Legends

Jax visual update league of legendsRiot Games

Skarner has been delayed, freeing up the art and narrative team at Riot Games to work on bringing Jax into the modern day. His visual update will follow up on the small-scale Jax rework from earlier in 2023 and is set to release before the end of the year.

Before and after his rework, Jax has been a top lane mainstay. He’s one of the most popular in League of Legends, with his iconic Counter Strike ability giving him some incredibly outplay potential.

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However, his visual design is a bit outdated. This champion is one of the few remaining relics of a much older time in League of Legends, and, while he’s held up pretty well over the years, the age of his character model is starting to catch up with him.

As a result of Skarner’s rework getting delayed, the art and resources originally dedicated to polishing him up for release have been moved over to working on Jax. And it won’t take too long for his visual update to get here.

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League of Legends visual update for Jax confirmed

Jax’s character design is a bit bizarre. He’s a faceless being who goes around smacking people with a lamp post, with the entire joke being that he’d be even stronger if he had a real weapon.

His bizarre and outlandish lore and smooth voice are part of what makes him such an iconic champion, and the devs at Riot are trying to preserve that while bringing him into a new era of League of Legends.

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While he still has a similar visual identity, his character design is much more intricate and detailed with an actual story behind him swinging a lamp post around.

jax visual update revealedRiot Games
Concept art for the Jax visual update

According to the dev blog, his “weapon” has a different role in his lore. “We decided against giving Jax a real weapon, no matter how much he’d like one. Instead, we amplified his weapon’s importance—it’s the only thing he has from his home of Icathia before it was lost to the Void. Which is why he chooses to use it over a more traditional weapon.”

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He’s also expected to go live later this year, meaning Jax’s rework will be coming before even some previously announced content.