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Kakegurui cosplayer deals a winning hand as Kirari Momobami

Published: 23/Jan/2020 20:38

by Michael Gwilliam


Kakegurui is one of the most popular gambling anime since its debut in 2017. Due to its success, many cosplays have popped up paying homage to the series’ colorful characters, such as its primary antagonist Kirari Momobami.

Instagram cosplayer “shiokuro” has been gaining recognition for her takes on characters from such series as Black Butler, SINoALICE and more. However, her take on Kirari may be one of her absolute best works to date.

Hyakkaou Private Academy’s Student Council President is best known for two very important appearance elements: her gray knotted hair and blue lips. The rest of her attire resembles what is worn by the other members of the school like protagonist Yumeko Jabami.


Amazingly, shiokuro absolutely nailed the president’s facial features. With green contacts to match her eyes, the model added the perfect shade of lipstick and hair to mimick the fan-favorite villain.

As part of numerous photoshoots, shiokuro posed in scenes that look ripped right from the anime or manga itself. For instance, in one photo, she leans up against a railing in a fancy-looking library of sorts.

In another, the model lies on her back while holding the ace of hearts while surrounded by poker chips and other playing cards.

In the show, Momobami is known for her top-tier poker skills, as seen in the anime’s second season, “Kakegurui XX.”


Another great shot features shiokuro at a carnival, with bright lights beaming from a game in the background adding to the atmosphere. You can imagine some sort of gambling is about to happen, given the setting.

While a third season of Kakegurui has yet to be announced, there’s no doubt that the series has enough big fans to continue on – especially considering that the second season ended on a cliffhanger.

Hopefully, fans will get some news on another season of the anime very soon, but until then, at least there are cosplayers willing to bring the series and its characters to life.


Considering the skill of her high-stakes costume, there’s no telling what other characters from the gambling anime shiokuro has up her sleeve for future cosplays.