Halo Reach cosplayer amazes fans with “mind-boggling” Spartan armor

Michael Gwilliam
Red Spartan Halo reach cosplay with armor

A Halo Reach cosplayer is making waves online for his incredibly-realistic version of Spartan armor, fooling fans into thinking it’s a screenshot from the game.

Cosplayer ‘Random Ranger’ has crafted some of the best Halo-themed cosplays out there with the game’s iconic Spartan suits. But what makes his feel so dynamic is how they seem “lived in” with battle damage, chips and markings; they come across as being battle-tested.

In a post on Reddit, the cosplayer uploaded an image of himself dressed in Spartan armor in front of a background taken from the game. Needless to say, fans absolutely ate it up, and some couldn’t believe it was real.

“I still think it’s possible that I’ve been looking at an in-game render for the past minute,” one Redditor remarked.

“I’m still convinced that this is a screenshot from the game haha. Amazing work!” a fan replied, while another simply stated, “This is mind-boggling.”

Those are only a couple of the many messages truly believing the cosplay was taken from the game, and it’s easy to see why. The weapon, armor, helmet – the whole shebang is all on point.

When asked how long it took to build, Random Ranger replied that it took him over 1,000 hours. That said, he did note it was his “first true attempt at making a costume.”

Over on YouTube, the cosplayer delved into how he was able to do it in a video series.

“I just want to share what I now know in an open and easy to consume format. So, I’m making cosplay tutorials on how I make my armor and props,” he explained. “I’m hoping this will translate into you guys being able to build something just as cool, because there’s nothing special about me making that armor.”

Hopefully, as he continues to upload videos, more people can follow along and craft their own Spartan armor. Who knows – maybe by the time it’s all done, folks will be able to go to conventions again and have even more reason to show off their hard work.

For fans of Halo, this could be your best go-to if you’re looking to represent the franchise.

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