Genshin Impact cosplayer sweeps fans away as beautiful Rosaria

Andrew Amos

While she might seem cold in Genshin Impact, Melamori’s cosplay of Rosaria is anything but. Her rendition of the Church of Favonius sister is one of the best Genshin Impact cosplays of all-time, sweeping fans away.

Rosaria might seem cold-hearted in Genshin Impact, but the rather rebellious sister does have somewhat of a soft side.

Sure, she’s not your typical clergywoman ⁠— one look at her outfit says as much. Where there is light, there must be shadow though, and Rosaria does plenty of the church’s dirty work with her own hand.

Rosaria Genshin Impact
Rosaria isn’t your conventional church sister.

She has been a fan-favorite character since her release. So, when Melamori dropped a stunning head-to-toe reimagining of Rosaria, fans were swept off their feet.

“I’m happy to show you my new Genshin impact cosplay of one of my favorite characters – Rosaria! It’s definitely my perfect character type,” Melamori said on Instagram.

She left no stone unturned in this picture-perfect creation. Crafting everything from a perfectly manicured wig and headdress to the white, red, and black dress, Melamori’s cosplay looks like just Rosaria in-game.

Melamori even recreated the five-star Staff of Homa polearm from the game, which is one of Rosaria’s best weapons. The red-and-black staff matches perfectly with the character’s theme, and really adds that little extra polish on top of an already stunning cosplay.

The best final touch? The frosty aura radiating around Rosaria in Melamori’s photoshoot really adds to that fantasy around the character’s Cryo vision.


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Her work isn’t just one of the best Rosaria costumes out there ⁠— it’s quite possibly the best Genshin Impact cosplay we’ve seen.

It’s a hard one to top that’s for sure, and it’s one that even miHoYo probably wouldn’t get enough of.

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