FFXIV cosplayer enchants fans as bewitching Y’shtola Rhul

Lauren Bergin
FFXIV Y'shtola cosplay feature image
Instagram: natashwrites, Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV Online is teeming with interesting characters from every corner of Eorzea, but one cosplayer is stealing the hearts of FFXIV players everywhere as Y’shtola.

Despite Final Fantasy XIV Online focusing on the story of the player’s Warrior of Light, its supporting cast has become some of FFXIV’s most beloved faces.

From the stunning Minfila Warde to the handsome Thancred Waters, Square Enix’s iconic MMO has birthed some of the gaming universe’s most legendary characters.

Enter this spectacular Y’shtola Rhul cosplay by Cosplay_Choreo (better known as Nat), which is here to take its place among FFXIV cosplay royalty.

ffxiv y'shtola
Square Enix
FFXIV’s stunning Scion healer, Y’shtola, has become a fan favorite.

FFXIV Y’shtola cosplay stuns fans

While Y’shtola is one of the Warrior of Light’s companions, for many players she’s stolen the show, with even Twitch stars such as Asmongold doting over the dazzling silvery Miqo’te.

It turns out that Nat loves her too, telling Dexerto “I wanted a cosplay for the FFXIV Fan Fest in Paris back in 2019 and ended up choosing Y’shtola. As a White Mage main who loves the job gear but not as something to make, the Scion Miqo’te became my obvious choice.

“The patch that the ‘Little Sun’ scene is from came out right when I needed to decide, and watching that I knew Y’shtola was definitely who I wanted to cosplay.”

And cosplay her she did, and she did it in style. Creating everything from scratch, she’s perfectly replicated Y’shtola’s iconic silvery ears and tail, alongside her white and red cloak. From the tiny armor details in the clasp to the tips of her toes, every single detail is absolutely perfect.

Using contacts she’s also nailed Y’shtola’s piercing aquamarine eyes, and with the help of photographer helloimfran has perfectly encapsulated Eorzea’s spectacular vistas.

“I think I spent close to 100 hours on the cosplay in total,” Nat told Dexerto. “It was the biggest cosplay challenge I’d set myself up to that point; between strange seams on the bodice part, my first boot covers, puff sleeves and the pleats on the skirt. I still don’t think any cosplay I’ve made since have been as difficult overall!”

But her Y’shtola cosplays don’t stop there. In preparation for the upcoming expansion, Endwalker, she has plans to recreate Y’shtola’s black outfit from Shadowbringers.

“I’m looking forward to Endwalker so much I’ve taken the week off work for it,” she confesses. “Nothing beats the first run-through of a new expansion and I’m so excited to see where the story takes the WoL and Scions. I have plans to try and make Y’shtola’s Shadowbringers outfit before it comes out, but that’s perhaps a bit optimistic.”

Whether her photos drop before or after the latest chapter of the FFXIV saga releases, we can’t wait to see how it turns out!