Destiny 2 cosplayer unleashes the Darkness as haunting Hive Wizard

Brad Norton
Destiny 2 Brood Queen

As The Darkness draws near in Destiny 2, a Hive Wizard has already made its way to Earth as this cosplayer has brought a stunning Brood Queen costume to life.

While most video game cosplays tend to highlight heroic figures, that’s never quite the case when it comes to Destiny. Rather than forging standard Guardian armor, some have opted for a nightmarish Hive mixture with Eris Morn instead. That trend has continued with an ominous Hive Wizard being the focus of the next jaw-dropping cosplay.

The Witch Queen Savathûn won’t be in focus until 2021’s expansion, but one of her disciples has already appeared on Earth. Australian cosplayer ‘SpartanJenzii’ has painstakingly created a terrifying Brood Queen costume.

While it does not feature complete just yet, the cosplay has already grabbed the attention of the Destiny community. With its impressive scale and remarkable detail, it’s even left a few developers stunned as well.

Brood Queens are rarely seen in Destiny. They often hide away in the shadows, birthing hundreds if not thousands of Hive to grow their forces. As a result, they’re larger than most Hive Wizards and this size is reflected in the massive costume.

The headpiece alone is more than a meter wide and the shoulder plates stick out just as far. With details carved into every inch of its sharp bones, the cosplay is just as haunting as its in-game counterpart.

One particular feature of the creation is that SpartanJenzii has full control of real-time effects. “I have completed the lights and smoke machine,” she shared on May 27. “I added a trigger so I can control the smoke,” allowing the costume to give off an even more threatening aura.

Despite the Brood Queen still being in development, an early look caught the Destiny community by storm. Even Destiny 2 Director Luke Smith was blown away by the design. “Oh my stars this is amazing,” he responded on July 21.


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With an easily detachable faceplate, it could even make for an ideal cosplay once conventions get back underway. While no end is in sight for the cosplay just yet, the creator assured that “it’s getting there.” 

Destiny 2’s next major expansion Beyond Light may have just been delayed but the game’s community is clearly as passionate as ever. Perhaps more costumes will soon be on the way as The Darkness takes a little longer to leave its mark in-game.