Demon Slayer cosplayer transforms into cunning demon Doma

Doma cosplay from Demon SlayerViz Media / Instagram: ygodm2

If you’re an anime-only Demon Slayer fan, you probably haven’t heard much about Doma yet. However, in anticipation for Season 2, Japanese cosplayer Kuzuko is bringing the hype as the third-highest ranking member of the Twelve Kizuki and playing the villain perfectly.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Demon Slayer manga and anime.

For every good story, there’s the heroes and the villains. In Demon Slayer, that’s the Demon Slayer Corps ⁠— looking to protect humanity ⁠— and the Twelve Kizuki threatening to kill them all.

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There’s hardly a more powerful demon in the franchise than the nonchalant Doma. Holding the position of Upper Rank Two within the Twelve Kizuki, his powers are something to behold.

Having transformed into a demon a century before the show was set, Doma’s two-faced personality has led many people to their peril. He brings in many loyal followers to his cult, before devouring them mercilessly, all while fending off the Demon Slayers looking to take him down.

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It’s a lot to take in a cosplay, especially given his character design is stunning. However, Japanese cosplayer ‘Kuzuko’ has managed to do just that.

They’ve managed to portray the elegant Demon perfectly, with a very intricate robe ⁠— more so than Doma actually wears in the manga. They also recreated Doma’s gold-plated fans, one of the many tools in his arsenal.

Kuzuko topped it all off with a perfectly manicured wig ⁠— golden blond, just as it’s described in the manga ⁠— and his hat. The only thing that’s missing is Doma’s spectacular rainbow colored eyes, but that’d be almost impossible to pull off in reality.

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They even pose with one of Shinobu’s butterflies in the photoshoot ⁠— we’ll let you connect the dots from there.


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We haven’t quite had the chance to see Doma’s adaptation into the anime yet ⁠— that’s coming in the upcoming Season 2, which is likely to drop sometime in 2021, although no date has been locked in yet. However, when he does, you can expect him to look just like Kuzuko’s cosplay.

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