Cosplayer shines with perfectly forged costume for The Mandalorian

Alan Bernal

The Mandalorian has inspired a ton of cosplayers to create their takes on the galactic bounty hunter, but none have forged the beskar alloy as well as this talented designer.

Disney Plus introduced the show to its legion of subscribers, which exploded in popularity upon its release. Almost immediately, the internet was in a craze for The Mandolorian, resulting in a wave of memes, parodies and, of course, Baby Yoda memes.

The cosplay community has also caught onto the Mando-fandom, creating incredible designs or recreations for the diverse set of characters featured on the show. But no character is more perfect for cosplayers to have fun with than the series’s titular protagonist.

Yuzu.pyon went all out with the individual pieces for her design.

Cosplayer ‘Yuzu.pyon’ showcased her design for Mando, which shows off a ton of finely honed cosplay-making skills that come together for one incredible suit.

The cosplayer really took her time with the outfit, seeing as every piece of armor looks unique – especially on the helmet, where you can make out the distinct features for the traditional Mandalorian T-shaped visor design.

The wrist guards even what looks to be a communications unit on the right hand, with a place for the Whistling Birds rockets on the left.

The accuracy for Mando’s suit makes this look like a shot from the show.

As fans know, Mando is equipped head-to-toe with a deadly arsenal of weapons, and Yuzu.pyon made sure to have a similar aesthetic, donning a sash and boots lined with shell casings.

As awesome as those are, the entire cosplay goes to another level with the imposing Amban Rifle.

Yuzu.pyon spared no expense, and made the larger-than-life staff a reality to compliment her rendition for the cosplay.

The entire Mandolorian suit in all of its glory.

Her decision to take the Mando suit outdoors for a photoshoot shoot truly brought the character to life. She uploaded a few shots that work really well with the design, it looks ripped directly from the scenes of the show.

The Mandalorian was Disney’s flagship series for the launch of Disney Plus, and it took the fandom by storm for its incredible world-building and the aforementioned Baby Yoda.

With the show already confirmed to be coming back for a second season, there’s bound to be a ton more cosplays and artwork from its passionate fans.

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