Awesome K/DA cosplay captures spirit of League of Legend’s K-pop group

Reddit: Ten Katsu / Riot Games

An awesome group cosplay of League of Legends K-pop group K/DA has caught the imagination of the game’s community, bringing the four champions to life in spectacular fashion.

K/DA first appeared in the build-up to the 2018 League of Legends World Championships and became an immediate sensation, drawing in millions of views on YouTube and setting social media alight with buzz.

While the group has been fairly quiet since their breakout year, that hasn’t stopped fans of the MOBA from showing off awesome costumes based on the group, with cosplayers Ten, Aline, Nikole, and Lunarite appearing on Reddit in near-perfect outfits.

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Riot GamesRiot Games
K/DA has quickly become a beloved part of League of Legends fandom.

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Everything about the cosplay has been meticulously designed, with small details like the Ahri’s armbands and Akali’s K/DA hat present in the album posted on Reddit by Ten Ketsu.

The foursome’s renditions of Evelynn and Kai’Sa are equally impressive and together capture the K-pop feel that Riot hoped to created when they unleashed the musical sensations on the world back in 2018.

Even the location of the photoshoot is perfect, with the girls surrounded by mirrors and colorful light tubes, making the images look like they were lifted straight from K/DA’s next blockbuster music video.

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K/DA is not the only musical group born out of League of Legends, with heavy-metal rockers Pentakill the first band created by Riot Games for the game, while True Damage are a hip-hop group that appeared in the build-up to Worlds 2019.

The number of music groups connect to LoL appears to be growing every year, and with awesome cosplays like this one, the fandom is showing no sign of slowing down or asking Riot Games to stop creating them.