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Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer channels the moon as Princess Yue

Published: 9/Jun/2020 0:49

by Meg Bethany Koepp


An Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer brought Princess Yue from the Northern Water Tribe to life with an epic cosplay take. It’s so good, it’ll make you want to binge watch the show on Netflix ASAP.

The Last Airbender is consistently regarded as one of the best animations of all time, even 15 years after its release in 2005. It follows the story of Aang, an Air Nomad lined up to be the next Avatar, as he accidentally gets trapped in ice for 100 years and becomes the last of his kind left alive. While he was away, the Fire Nation took scorched the world, becoming a roaring terror over the people and causing destruction and chaos.

After being awoken by Sokka and Katara, two members of the Southern Water Tribe, the 12-year-old goes on a quest to master the four elements of fire, air, earth, and water in hopes of taking down Fire Lord Ozai to restore order to the world. In Book One, the squad meet Yue, who is the princess of the Northern Water Tribe.

Yue and Sokka have a budding romance.

Princess Yue comes to life

Talented cosplayer Leira from ‘leiracosplays‘ dressed up as the tribe royalty in a recreation which we can only describe as truly true-to-life. It’s so good, it really does look as though she’s jumped straight out of the TV screen.

Yue’s most striking feature is her white hair that’s wrapped in a loop around the back of her head, and this is replicated effortlessly in the artist’s take with a perfectly styled wig. She even included the braids that frame both sides of the princess’ face, and the blue clips that hold them in place.

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I know I said I was gonna post my Katara and Korra pics, but I’m waiting on the wigs to arrive. Hopefully they’ll be here soon??So here’s one last post of my Princess Yue cosplay for a while?? I have a lot of cosplays I’m working on from this series, so expect more Avatar the Last Airbender posts from me ? #avatarthelastairbender #avatarcosplay #avatarthelastairbendercosplay #cosplay #tiktok #cosplayer #blackcosplayer #hispaniccosplayer #cosplayers #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaying #cosplaygirl #sidebysidecosplay #cosplaymakeup #cosplaygirls #anime #comic #atla #atlacosplay #makeup #sokka #princessyue #princessyuecosplay #sokkacosplay #nickelodeon #moon #netflix #poccosplayer #poccosplay #zuko

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In a TikTok clip, Leira poses to the famous scene between Sokka and Prince Zuko in which the firebender hilariously says “that’s rough, buddy” in Book Three.

We won’t spoil the context for whose who haven’t seen the show yet, but it’s a video that seasoned The Last Airbender fans will find extremely charming.

If this article has given you a serious urge to go and watch Avatar, then you’re in luck. Netflix has just added the animation to its lineup recently, meaning you can binge watch it to your heart’s content.

The online streaming service is also creating a live-action reimagining of the 2005 series. For everything we know about that, check out our guide here.


Apex Legends cosplayer plunders loot on Olympus as gunslinger Loba

Published: 25/Nov/2020 6:47

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Loba is one of the sassiest characters in Apex Legends, and cosplayers love stepping into her knee-high boots, but one has really stunned her fans with a masterful piece.

Apex Legends players are drawn to their favorite legends for different reasons. Some like them for their aesthetic and personality, others like them for their skills and ultimates. However, it’s hard to name one more universally loved than Loba.

Loba has it all, from a unique look and an interesting backstory to a larger-than-life personality. She’s also incredibly useful on the battlefield. The fact she can teleport around makes her an absolute menace in gunfights.

However, her true value lies in being able to spot high-quality loot and teleport it to her squad. In that sense, she’s the ultimate team player, and it’s the reason why she is often in demand. 

Apex Legends Cosplay Loba
Respawn Entertainment
Loba has one of the biggest personalities in Apex Legends.

Loba is a popular choice among Apex Legends cosplayers too. They love stepping into the boots of their favorite gunslinging bandit and embodying her attitude and elegance. Like most cosplays, they’re all incredible in their own way.

Sarenji, a popular German cosplayer with thousands of followers on Instagram, recently stole the hearts of her fans with a stunning Loba cosplay.

“I’ll take your life and your loot. I’m exceptionally good at both!” she said, in reference to a Loba quote.


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The first set of photos showcases her long braided pigtails with a red-tinge, as well as the make-up, long nails, earrings, gold necklace, and the white and grey chest piece with gold seams. 

The highlight, however, has to be Loba’s trademark silver staff with a wolf’s head on top. Apex Legends players well-versed in the lore will know that it was a gift she received from her father.

In the second set of photos, Sarenji gives her fans a better look at the piece from further back. It provides a more complete picture of the outfit and offers a glimpse at her leggings too.

“A gun is like a beautiful woman. Hold her tight or someone else will,“ she said, quoting Loba once again.


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Sarenji didn’t hesitate to give credit where credit was due. She thanked ezcosplay for create the outfit and senpai3d_for creating the staff.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact she wore it well and played an equally important part in bringing Loba to life.