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Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer infiltrates Fire Nation as Katara

Published: 6/Jun/2020 19:49

by Brent Koepp


An Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer went viral when she transformed herself into the real-life version of Katara. The artist showed off an insanely accurate re-creation of the waterbender in a Tik-Tok video. 

The Last Airbender made its groundbreaking debut in 2005, and captivated viewers from around the world. The series is about a monk named Aang who, as the Avatar, can control the elements of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.

A talented artist shared her true-to-life costume of popular character Katara. The cosplayer’s faithful portrayal of the waterbender will be sure to wow fans, as she re-creates the heroine’s iconic Fire Nation look from Book 3.

The waterbender is one of the most popular characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Cosplayer transforms into Fire Nation Katara

The show opens up with Katara and her brother Sokka discovering the Avatar trapped in ice. The heroine eventually becomes Aang’s waterbending master, and helps him on his journey to bring balance to the world.

Cosplayer ‘hollowqxween‘ shared her side-by shot re-creation of the character’s alternate outfit on Instagram. In Book 3, the lovable protagonists go behind enemy lines, and dress up in Fire Nation attire to go undetected.

Perfectly mirroring Katara’s stance from the show, Hollowqxqeen truly becomes the real-life version of the waterbender. She absolutely nails the Avatar heroine’s signature look, including her bun hairstyle and wrapped top and skirt.

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I remember the first time coming home from school when they aired the last airbender and I went from being a little girl who laughed at all of sokka’s corny jokes, appreciated the beauty of world building, wanted momo and appa as companions, to being an adult, who has rewatched it for the fifth time thanks to Netflix. And this time I realized even more how beautifully written this show is. The character writing is truly inspiring, the history behind spiritual aspects and war, I was truly blown away again and def shed a tear on the last episode as I had to say goodbye to the adventures. Thank you the last air bender for this amazing art and journey. This will forever be my favorite show and a have a special place in my heart ❤️ #thelastairbender #katara #kataracosplay #avatarthelastairbender #avatar #atla #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayphotography #sidebyside #cosplayway #cosplaysky

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The cosplayer shared more photos of her work, including a closeup which gives us a glimpse of how detailed her costume truly is. Not only does she capture Katara’s striking blue eyes, she also faithfully depicts her facial expressions from the animation.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the artist also cleverly re-made the intro to the series on TikTok. The video shows her cosplay in action, while also lip-syncing Katara’s narration.

@hollowqxweenI finally finished Atla for the fifth time and it was truly an experience ##kataracosplay ##katara ##avatar ##avatarthelastairbender ##rainonme ##springdiy♬ Avatar the last Airbender theme – brettkelly1

The Last Airbender’s final episode aired in 2008, making 2020 its 15th anniversary. To celebrate, Nickelodeon re-released the entire series. The animation has only continued to grow in popularity, and even got a spin-off sequel in 2012 titled The Legend of Korra.

Those wanting to watch the show again are in luck, as Netflix recently re-added it to their lineup. The streaming giant also announced that they are re-making Avatar in the form of a live-action drama. For everything we know so far about the project, check out our guide here.


World of Warcraft cosplayer is ready for Shadowlands as Valeera Sanguinar

Published: 24/Nov/2020 7:23 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 11:07

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is finally here, and cosplayers have been celebrating in the build-up, but one has truly outdone herself with an incredible recreation of Valeera Sanguinar.

World of Warcraft has one of the richest lores and stories in video game history. It’s filled with unique characters in all shapes and sizes and has told their stories for many years.

Now, their stories will continue once again in the latest expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, which is now live. It revolves around the actions of Sylvanas Windrunner, who has ripped open a portal to the Shadowlands.

It’s certainly a dark timeline, but players are thrilled to have been called back into action. However, it’s hard to find anyone more excited than maywedacosplay, a popular Russian cosplayer named Eva.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands cosplay
Valeera Sanguinar is a popular character in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Eva celebrated the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands by doing what she does best, cosplaying her favorite characters. She’s cosplayed many World of Warcraft characters in the past, and the standard of quality has always been top-notch.

Now, she’s cosplayed Valeera Sanguinar, a beloved blood elf rogue who has never formally joined either Horde or Alliance.

“Glory to Sin’dorei!” she said, quoting one of the blood elves’ most famous lines. “What characters do you want to see in Shadowlands the most?


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Eva’s cosplay is stunning from head to toe. The hair, make-up, and green eyes are on point. However, the real highlight has to be the sheer level of quality in the hood, chest-piece, shoulders, bracers, and leggings.

All the pieces have a perfect blend of crimson-red mixed with gold elven seams. They have infamous green Fel crystals slotted into them, which have a long history with blood elves.


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It’s a phenomenal cosplay that deserves all the praise, and the high-quality photography makes it even better.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has already set the world on fire. But Eva’s cosplay will undoubtedly add to the excitement.