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Attack on Titan cosplayer swings into action as Mikasa Ackerman

Published: 25/Jun/2020 12:19 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 15:20

by Matt Porter


Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series in the world, and one fan of the show has brought the Survey Corps Mikasa Ackerman to life with a stunning cosplay.

Ever since it’s debut back in 2013, fans across the globe have been enchanted with the story of Eren Yeager and Mikasa, who become refugees after giant humanoid creatures known as Titans breached the walls that protected humanity and destroyed their home, killing Eren’s mother in the process.

Determined to gain revenge on the creatures who killed his family, Eren vowed to join the Scout Regiment and head beyond the walls to kill every Titan and free humanity from fear. After making a vow as a child to protect him after he saved her life, Mikasa followed and quickly established herself as a truly skilled combatant.

Talented with a blade in her hand, and skilled at swinging through cities or forests with her ODM gear, Mikasa is perhaps the most dangerous member of the Scout regiment, taking down Titans with ease. Despite being sometimes viewed as cold by her peers, Mikasa immediately became a fan-favorite with viewers and is often the most cosplayed character from the show.

Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan
Crunchyroll / Wit Studio / IG
Mikasa is one of Attack on Titan’s most powerful characters.

Cosplayer ‘Nayumiyai‘ brought the character to life in stunning detail, capturing the Scout’s black hair, and making sure to wear the iconic red scarf that Mikasa is rarely seen without. Of course, no Attack on Titan cosplay is complete without the legendary brown leather jacket, complete with the Scouts’ recognizable logo, the ‘Wings of Freedom.’

Nayumi is even wearing the Scout’s ODM gear, which fires gas-powered hooks that clap into walls, trees, or other objects to allow them to soar into the air and get behind Titans so they can slash the nape of their necks and bring them crashing down to earth.

The cosplay is truly stunning and looks like it was lifted straight out of the anime. If a live-action Attack on Titan was ever commissioned, it would be no surprise if it looked exactly like this.


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「Die flügel der freiheit」

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Attack on Titan’s third season ended in a blockbuster revelation about the origin of the Titans and the war that the Scouts have waged for hundreds of years, leaving fans desperately waiting for the final season of the show.

The good news is that the fourth season of the anime will arrive on time in fall 2020, with the teaser trailer released in late May.


Demon Slayer cosplayer flutters like a radiant butterfly as Shinobu Kocho

Published: 21/Oct/2020 7:27 Updated: 21/Oct/2020 7:31

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


A Demon Slayer cosplayer has metamorphosed into Shinobu Kochu and spread her wings in an elegant and well-detailed outfit that looks as real as it gets.

Shinobu Kocho is one of the standout characters in Demon Slayer. On the surface, she seems like a small, gentle, and soft-spoken angel with a calm and composed demeanor. But don’t let her size and appearance fool you. Shinobu Kocho is an incredibly powerful Demon Slayer. 

Beneath her skin is an immense and burning hatred towards demons, one which almost consumed her in the past. It started when she lost her beloved sister to the demons and sought revenge on them ever since.

It’s the reason Shinobu Kocho became a Demon Slayer in the first place.

Demon Slayer Cosplay Shinobu Kocho
Viz Media
Shinobu Kocho is a dazzling and powerful Demon Slayer.

Shinobu Kocho is a powerful, quick, and deadly swordsman. However, she’s also a medical expert and a master in pharmacology. To make matters worse for her opponents, she coats her weapon with poison and can perform ‘Insect Breathing.’

It’s easy to see why she’s a fan-favorite among Demon Slayer cosplayers. But although there are many amazing Shinobu Kocho cosplays, a Russian cosplayer named dabllmi has taken it to a whole new level.

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Очень не запланированный фотосет вылился в эту потрясающую фотографию. 🦋 В конце июля я писала, что август принесёт мне много радости и новых знакомств. Вот знакомство с @bemycosplaymuse стало как раз этим событием. На самом деле я ещё долго буду вспоминать этот август и ставить его в пример, той жизни, которую я хочу. Работать на любимой работе, заниматься тем, что нравится, общаться с людьми, которым действительно есть дело до тебя. Вот что потрясающе. Помощник на фотосессии @zefirka_natsuki огромное спасибо за помощь 💕😌 #鬼滅の刃コスプレ #鬼滅 #鬼殺隊 #鬼滅の刀 #鬼滅の刃コスプレ #鬼滅の刃コスプレ #胡蝶しのぶ #kimetsunoyaiba #demonslayer #demonslayercosplay #kimetsunoyaibacosplay #冨岡義勇 #shinobukocho #shinobukochocosplay #cosplaygirls #kawaii #cutecosplay #cosplayrussia #otaku #moe #geekcosplay

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There’s an incredible amount of detail in her cosplay. It permeates everything from her kimono, hair, and sandals to the sword itself. The shades and patterns are all on-point, and it really looks like Shinobu Kocho herself has come to life.

Combined with high-quality photography that includes a moon and leaves in the background and pink butterflies in the foreground, this cosplay is about as flawless as they come.

If you want to get a closer look at the outfit, you can swipe over to a second picture. The perfection of her kimono shine through even more. All in all, it was an unbelievable cosplay and one that many will mesmerize many Demon Slayer fans. 

If you’re like us and still desperately waiting for Demon Slayer Season 2, it seems like it’s still a while away. But in the meantime, there’s no harm in cosplaying your favorite characters and bringing them to life.