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Attack on Titan cosplayer soars into action with perfect Mikasa Ackerman

Published: 8/Apr/2020 11:01

by Matt Porter


Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series in the world, and one fan of the show has shown their incredible take on one of the most popular characters, the skilled soldier Mikasa Ackerman.

Attack on Titan follows main character Eren Yeager, a young man who lives inside the walls of the Shiganshina District after massive humanoid creatures known as Titans decimated the human race, pushing them to extinction and forcing them to seek refuge behind the giant walls that they hoped would keep the Titans at bay.


Brought together at a young age when Eren saved Mikasa from a gang of kidnappers, the pair lived together with the Yeager family until Titans attacked the walls and devastated the area. With Eren’s childhood dream of joining the Scout regiment at the forefront of his thoughts, Mikasa, who promised to protect him after he saved her life, joined the forces as well, and immediately cemented herself as a truly gifted soldier, and a fan-favorite too.

Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan.
Mikasa can appear cold to her fellow soldiers, but has become a fan-favorite.

While Mikasa’s fellow Scouts find her cold or intimidating, the character became an instant hit with viewers around the world. Her undying love for Eren means she will do whatever it takes to protect him, and her skills with a blade make her undoubtedly one of the most entertaining soldiers to watch in combat, using her Omni-directional movement gear to soar above the massive beasts before slicing them down to earth in style.


It won’t shock anyone to find out that many fans of Attack on Titan then choose to cosplay as Mikasa, and cosplayer ‘mariesturges’ became the latest to show off their love for the character with an incredible take on Ackerman, who looks like she has jumped out of the anime and into real life.

Marie has captured the character in stunning detail, her hair parted into three separate strands, with her fringe hanging down onto her nose just like the character’s. Mikasa’s Scout regiment uniform is also spot on, with her red scarf draped around her neck, the same white pants with leg braces, and of course, the iconic brown jacket, emblazoned with the Scout’s logo, a set of blue and white wings known as “The Wings of Freedom.”

Attack on Titan has become one of the most popular anime series in the world, capturing the hearts of the global audience as they watch the human’s final stand against the vicious Titans.


Fans of the anime don’t have long to wait for the final chapter in this epic story, with the fourth season of the show set to release in Fall 2020.


Attack on Titan cosplayer is ready for battle as Mikasa Ackerman

Published: 12/Oct/2020 13:12 Updated: 12/Oct/2020 19:17

by Matt Porter


Attack on Titan Season 4 is just around the corner, and a talented fan of the show has shown off their incredible take on the Survey Corps’ Mikasa Ackerman, bringing the character to life in stunning detail.

Since its debut back in 2013, fans across the globe have been enamored with the story of Eren Yeager and Mikasa, who become refugees when one of the giant humanoid creatures known as Titans breached the walls that protected humanity and killed Eren’s mother.


Determined to destroy the creatures who killed his family, Eren vowed to join the Scout Regiment and head out beyond the walls to kill every Titan he saw, and free humanity from the threat for good. Mikasa, who made a vow as a child to protect him always after he saved her life, quickly followed him, and the inseparable pair joined the war together.

Talented with a sword in her hand, and an expert at swinging through towns or forests using her ODM gear, Mikasa is one of the most feared and dangerous members of the Scouts. Despite her personality sometimes leading others to think she is cold or standoffish, Mikasa is a true fan-favorite, thanks to her incredible skill and her undying love for Eren. She’s so popular in fact, that she has become the most cosplayed character from the series.

Mikasa fighting in Attack on Titan.
Crunchyroll / Wit Studio
Mikasa is one of the most powerful characters in the popular anime.

Cosplayer ‘jeisuzukii‘ brought the character to life in stunning detail, capturing the Scout’s black hair perfectly, and making sure to wear the iconic red scarf that she is rarely seen without, and has become a staple of any good Mikasa cosplay.

She is also wearing the recognizable brown leather jacket that anyone who is part of the Survey Corps wears, complete with the Scouts’ recognizable logo, a pair of white and blue wings known as the ‘Wings of Freedom,’ a symbol of hope that they make escape the tyranny of the Titans.

The cosplay is truly stunning and looks like it was lifted straight out of the anime. If a live-action Attack on Titan was ever commissioned, it would be no surprise if it looked exactly like this.


Attack on Titan’s third season ended with a blockbuster revelation about the origin of the Titans and the war that the Scouts have waged for hundreds of years, leaving fans desperately waiting for the final season of the show.

The good news is that the fourth season of the anime is still set in fall 2020, with the teaser trailer released in late May.