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My Hero Academia cosplayer stuns with explosive Bakugo female twist

Published: 12/Jul/2020 22:41

by Brent Koepp


A My Hero Academia cosplayer went viral after sharing her mind blowing take on Katsuki Bakugo. The talented artist brings the heat by giving the character an fiery female twist that will leave fans in awe.

My Hero Academia made it epic debut in 2016, and quickly became a worldwide phenomena. Viewers everywhere fell in love with its story about a high school that trains teenagers with superpowers called quirks.

Bringing the anime’s resident hothead to life, a cosplayer transformed into Katsuki Bakugo. The artist’s creative female twist on the explosive character will be sure to warm hearts, as it’s one of the best things fans will see today.

bakugo my hero academia
Crunchyroll / Bones
The ill-tempered Bakugo can create explosions with his sweat.

My Hero Academia cosplayer becomes female Bakugo

Much of the series follows the students of Class 1-A at U.A. High – the premier school for training teenagers with superpowers. Throughout the story,  Bakugo becomes the rival of protagonist Izuku Midoriya. The ill-tempered teen often loses his cool, and can turn his sweat into massive explosions.

Cosplayer ‘Natalia Kat‘ brought the popular character to life with her jaw-dropping portrayal. Photographer ‘bquezadapd‘ perfectly captured the artist posing in the character’s orange and black hero uniform. Using effects to bring his explosive quirk to life, fire shoots out of her prop grenade-shaped gauntlets.

Natalia cleverly gives Katsuki a female spin, re-creating his black shirt in the form of a cropped tank-top with an orange cross across it. Her costume is packed full of details, such as the mini grenades that hang off her green belt, and the incredible prop of Bakugo’s metallic neck brace.

In a second close-up shot, the artist gave viewers another look of her unique take on the My Hero Academia character. Instead of his usual messy short hair, the cosplayer mirrored his signature style with her parted blonde locks which sit above her red eyes.

This isn’t the first time the talented cosplay artist has dressed up as a hero from the popular anime. In May, she posted her insanely accurate depiction of Shiketsu High School student Camie. Photographer ‘mdavid_photography‘ captured her posing in the character’s iconic catsuit.

My Hero Academia originally made its 2014 debut as a manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. However, the series saw an explosion in popularity with its anime adaption by Studio Bones.

The animation wrapped up its fourth arc in May. For everything we know about its Season 5 return, check out our guide here. Those wanting to watch the show can catch all episodes on streaming service Crunchyroll and Funimation.


Attack on Titan fans furious over anime’s “excessive” censorship

Published: 25/Nov/2020 1:42 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 7:32

by Brent Koepp


Despite releasing in 2013, some Attack on Titan fans are only now discovering the anime’s censored violence in comparison to the manga. A YouTube video went viral after showcasing the stark differences. 

Attack on Titan made its groundbreaking anime debut in 2013, and quickly exploded in popularity. Viewers around the world became captivated by its intense themes and relentlessly brutal story.

A YouTube video about the series went viral on November 15 after showing the difference between the manga and the anime adaptation’s depiction of violence – and some fans were not happy about it.

Promotional image of Attack on Titan Season 1 featuring Eren Jaegar.
Wit Studio / Funimation
The 2013 hit anime has become a worldwide phenomena.

Attack on Titan fans discover manga is darker

For decades, it has been the norm that the manga version of a story is almost always more fleshed out story-wise, and often more graphic compared to its animated counterpart. Just like traditional shows, anime aired live has to dial back elements not suited for TV.

Despite this common wisdom, some Attack on Titan fans were not aware of just how much more brutally violent the written version actually was. YouTuber ‘Zmyh’ went viral after uploading a video that showcases just that.

The upload compares iconic scenes from the anime and manga, and puts them side-by-side to demonstrate the visual differences between them. The video quickly exploded online, and has over 1.6 million viewers at the time of writing.

For some fans of the series, this was their first time seeing the changes the anime made. One viewer wrote, “Interesting how there is censorship for Attack on Titan. Like seriously?” Another user said, “And here I thought that AOT was brutal…looks like I should read the manga.” Another YouTube comment exclaimed, “WHAT MAN THEY BETTER MAKE IT UNCENSORED FOR THE FINAL SEASON.”

Screenshot of Attack on Titan fans reacting to the YouTube video.

Many hit out at the alterations made in the animated series, arguing that it takes way from the story’s original impact. “They need to stop censorship, it completely ruins the more powerful impact it can have,” one commentator replied to the video. Another fan stated, “And that’s why you absolutely need to read the manga version of the Uprising arc, because it is literally just better in every way.”

Screenshot of YouTube comments reacting to Attack on Titan anime censorship.

Not everyone was critical of the changes though. A handful of fans pointed out that Wit Studio did the best job they could given that the animated version also airs on TV. Some even argued that the changes were for the better.

The viral video is just another example of the divide that can sometimes exist between a manga and its anime adaptation. There will always be those that prefer the former to the latter. However, it is interesting to see the difference nonetheless.