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Apex Legends’ Wraith cosplay is from another dimension

Published: 27/Jan/2020 10:55

by Andy Williams


Respawn boasts a string of relatable characters in Apex Legends which fans often spark to life through their cosplay recreations – this Wraith outfit is no exception and will leave fans wanting more.

Apex Legends diverse roster of characters provides fans with a cast of personalities in which they can elect their favorite. Since the game’s release in February 2019, Wraith has become the most popular Legends in the game.  

Her agile movement combined with a set of abilities support evasion from the tightest of situations. So it’s no wonder why the Interdimensional Skirmisher has become a fan-favorite.

Apex Legends' Voidwalker event.
Wraith’s Voidwalker event delved into her troubled past.

Wraith cosplay takes us ‘Into the Void’

Cosplayer, ‘msmallbird,’ has invested her talents into the Apex Games’ most popular character with her latest effort on her Instagram. 

And despite boasting an already expansive portfolio, her Wraith rendition looks to be one of her best yet. The savvy use of the in-game quip gives the mysterious cosplay a little context, after the cosplayer captioned the post: “I don’t fear anything, can you say the same?”

While the Instagram post only reveals the top-half of the outfit, msmallbird teased that she would recreate a full version of Wraith at some point in the future. 

There’s no doubt, however, that this simple (yet effective) take on Wraith gives our current top five Wraith cosplays a run for their money.

While Wraith has been a staple of the Apex Legends roster from the get-go, a new character called Forge is set to make their debut in Season 4. 

With new Legends continuously being added, fans will likely make every effort to pluck the Augmented Brawler straight out of the Apex Games and into real life with more cosplay renditions.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is adding a no-guns LTM in Season 7: Olympus Preview

Published: 30/Oct/2020 18:52 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 21:23

by Tanner Pierce


If you saw the new Apex Legends map called Olympus and thought to yourself “I’d like to explore that without having to deal with annoying enemies”, then Respawn Entertainment has the perfect solution: a no-weapon LTM called Olympus Preview.

With the start of Season 7, Respawn Entertainment is adding a brand new map to Apex Legends called Olympus. After being rumored for quite a while now, the developers finally confirmed the news during the Season 7 trailer, and gave fans an even deeper dive into the map during the gameplay reveal.

While that’s all well and good, being forced to jump into a map that you don’t know and immediately fight other players trying to experience the same thing is always a bit annoying in battle royale games. Luckily, the developers seem to have a solution, and it’s a cool concept.

New Olympus Preview LTM

With the start of Season 7, Respawn will be including a new limited-time mode called Olympus Preview, which will allow players to explore and experience everything the new map has to offer without having to deal with other opponents that immediately try to kill you.

The new 30-player mode will give fans an opportunity to jump into the map and test it out to their heart’s content. They’ll even be able to test the circles.

When a new map gets added to a battle royale game, not just Apex Legends, a lot of players just want a few matches to explore and experience it before having to fight others, so this helps solve that problem.

Respawn Entertainment/EA
Soon players will be able to jump into the new Apex map thanks to a weapon-free mode called Olympus Preview.

It also helps fans familiarize themselves with it so that they aren’t jumping in completely blind. The first Ranked split will be on Olympus too, so if you’re a competitive player, this new LTM comes highly recommended.

It’ll be interesting to see Apex continues this trend as time goes on. Obviously, that would require them to keep adding new maps but, nevertheless, it’s a fun concept to say the least.