Apex Legends Wattson cosplayer steps into the eye of the storm

Brianna Reeves
raikohru wattson apex legends cosplay

Cosplayer Raikohru showcased their Apex Legends cosplay in a recent photoshoot, wherein they recreate the Static Defender known as Wattson.

While Wattson debuted in 2019, she doesn’t actually count among Apex Legends’ original cast of playable characters.

Instead, the Static Defender hit the playing field that July, launching alongside the battle royale title’s Season 2 content rollout.

She’s remained a fan-favorite Legend ever since, evidenced by the sheer number of cosplayers who have brought Wattson to life for personal projects.

Evidently, the love for this particular Legend has yet to cease.

Apex Legends cosplayer shows off electrifying Wattson costume

Cosplayer Raikohru recently took to Instagram and Reddit to share photos of their incredible Wattson-inspired getup.

In addition to showcasing the Apex Legends look at cons, the cosplayer also snapped shots with The 86th Floor.

Some of Raikohru’s photos depict Wattson as fans are used to seeing her – with a hood on her head. However, several other cosplay pictures show Raikohru’s version of the Legends without headwear.

In response to questions about going hoodless in most pictures, Raikohru noted, “…I just don’t like how it looks.”

But Wattson players in the Reddit thread seem to have taken a liking to the idea of the character with curly hair.

“I absolutely love the hair with this,” user EnderScout_77 said. BranislavBGD expressed a similar opinion in the following comment, “I absolutely ADORE the hair here! Finally, it has been set free!”

Wattson mains and other Apex faithful have plenty to look forward to in the days ahead. Apex Legends Season 14 kicks off on August 9, introducing a new Legends named Vantage and a reforged Kings Canyon.