Apex Legends cosplayer casually rocks Wattson & Valkyrie streetwear looks

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One Apex Legends cosplayer has come up with new streetwear looks for Valkyrie and Wattson, and we’d love to see some skins inspired by them make it to the game.

Neither Wattson and Valkyrie are OG legends, but they’ve definitely found their way into the meta, and the hearts of fans since entering the battle royale.

Now, Japanese cosplayer @hime_turu1 has come up with two great streetwear looks for each character, that puts a more casual spin on both and takes them away from the chaos of the arena.

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The Wattson look comes in with the classic electric blue eyes, shocking blond hair, and the distinctive scar on her left cheek. What makes it ‘streetwear’ is the casual sweater in place of the Static Defender’s regular jumpsuit.

It might not be the best for a tactical engagement in King’s Canyon, as there’s nowhere for Wattson to store her gear, but it does remind us of some of the countless fan art for the legend floating around out there.

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Next up is Valkyrie, who rather than looking like she just flew down from the sky, now seems to have just stepped out of the club with a sleek maroon bomber jacket (a very appropriate choice).

While hime’s outfits might not be the most meticulous, the makeup and hair styles are so on-point it’s not hard to tell which legend they’re trying to portray, which is impressive all by itself.

While these cosplays might have been on the more casual side, we can’t wait to see what hime comes up with next, and which legends get a similar casual makeover next.

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Considering they seem to be a massive Apex fan, we’d guess more cosplays are probably in the pipline, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with next.

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