How tall is Wonder Woman? DC character’s height in comics and movies explained

Christopher Baggett
Wonder Woman in DC Comics & the DCEU

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s most important characters, but this towering icon has often been depicted with an inconsistent height. So just how tall is Wonder Woman? 

The “wonder” part of Wonder Woman is often the most accentuated part of her character, but that wasn’t always the case. Wonder Woman’s power and presence have fluctuated wildly over the years thanks to a mix of reboots, shifting cultural impact, and changing creative directions.

Most often, her height is the first thing to change. Wonder Woman was depicted as a woman of average height early on. However, since around the mid-to-late ‘90s, creators began slowly increasing her height. 

These days, Wonder Woman is seen as a towering, statuesque warrior, but it was a long road to get there. While her height is now somewhat consistent, fans who previously tried to get a solid answer may have been easily confused. 

How tall is Wonder Woman in DC Comics? 

If you’re tracking down Wonder Woman’s actual height in DC Comics, you might find a lot of conflicting info. The last official mention of her height, though, was 6’2”, according to the cover of 2022’s Wonder Woman #794. 

For years, Wonder Woman was the somewhat underwhelming 5’ 11”, according to both 1990’s Who’s Who in the DC Universe and 1998’s Wonder Woman Secret Files. However, her height has notoriously fluctuated over the years, and she appears to have gotten a significant height increase following New 52. 

Wonder Woman and Superman from DC: The New Frontier.
Darwyn Cooke staged Wonder Woman’s meeting with Superman in The New Frontier to highlight her towering presence.

Many modern creators have leaned more into the Amazonian aspect of Wonder Woman and designed her to be taller and more muscular. On average, she is depicted as taller than the 6’2” Batman and roughly equivalent in height to the 6’3” Superman. At the extreme, though, she stands taller than Superman, such as in Darwyn Cooke’s seminal classic DC: The New Frontier

How tall is Wonder Woman in the DCU? 

Ironically, the DCEU’s Wonder Woman actress is closer to her originally depicted height. Gal Gadot is 5’ 10”. She’s just an inch taller than Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the classic ‘70s series and stands 5’ 9”. 

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the DCEU movie Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman appears to be more in line with the character’s pre-Crisis on Infinite Earth’s height.

Surprisingly, the current tallest Wonder Woman could only barely be considered an official one. Adrianne Palicki, who played the character in a failed 2011 TV pilot, stands 5’ 11”. None of these characters have an official height given in their respective projects, though, so it’s possible they’re meant to be taller.

As of this writing, there’s an announcement for a Wonder Woman in James Gunn’s upcoming DCU, but it may only be a matter of time before the next, possibly taller version of the character is announced.