Best new comics week of February 14: Amazing Spider-Man #43, Green Lantern #8, & more

Christopher Baggett
Batman, Green Lantern, and Spider-Man key artDC Comics | Marvel Comics

The Joker’s origin depicts a dark future for Gotham, while Spider-Man’s Gang War reaches its penultimate issue in the best new comics for February 14, 2024.

It’s not the biggest week for comics, but there’s a lot going on. Fans who are enjoying the various ongoing arcs from Marvel and DC will find a lot to love this week. 

Marvel is wrapping up its Gang War event for Spider-Man. The penultimate issue drops in this week’s Amazing Spider-Man, as do more tie-in issues starring Miles Morales and Shang-Chi. 

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But if Gang War isn’t your thing, there’s still the latest attempt at a Joker origin, the return of a fan-favorite Green Lantern, and the sensational return of Magneto’s children – biological or otherwise – in various X-books. 

Best new comics releasing this week

These are the best new comics releasing the week of February 14, 2024. DC Comics title will hit shelves on Tuesday, February 13, while other publishers such as Marvel, Image, and IDW will release books on Wednesday, February 14. 

You can find your local comic shop at Comic Shop Locator or purchase digital copies via the digital storefronts linked below. 

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Batman #143 cover artDC Comics
The Joker’s origin takes a dark twist in Batman #143.

Batman #143

Chip Zdarsky’s swing at a Joker origin has already proven to be one of the more unique ones. The story appears to finally unify the controversial Three Jokers concept but also paints an image of a dark future where Joker wins. 

There are also some pretty huge retcons, like revealing Henri Ducard trained Joker to spite Batman. The past decade has done a lot to make Joker a more credible, terrifying threat than ever, but this might be the story that makes him into a force of nature.

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THE JOKER YEAR ONE, PART TWO! The terrifying tale of “The Joker Year One” continues as a mysterious figure from Batman’s past has come into Joker’s orbit, changing the Clown Prince of Crime forever! And what secrets does the re-formed Red Hood Gang have for Batman’s future?

By Chip Zdarsky, Andrea Sorrentino, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, Dave Stewart, Alejandro Sánchez, & Clayton Cowles

Amazing Spider-Man #43 cover artMarvel Comics
Gang War races towards its finale in Amazing Spider-Man #43

The Amazing Spider-Man #43

While the current Amazing Spider-Man run has been almost universally maligned by fans, it must be doing something right. ICv2 reports Amazing Spider-Man topped January 2024’s sales charts, only outsold by Ultimate Spider-Man and the massive Fall of the House of X. 

This week finally sees the various factions of the Gang War coming to blows in what may be their final battle. There are a lot of players on the field, and this one has the potential to shake up the entire street-level side of the Marvel Universe. 

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The Final Fight of GANG WAR starts here! The biggest and most brutal battle in Spider-Man history starts now, so batten your hatches!!! If you thought you knew what Madame Masque or Hobgoblin or Beetle or Diamondback was capable of, THINK AGAIN!

By Zeb Wells, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio Menyz, & VC’s Joe Caramagna

Green Lantern #8 cover artDC Comics
’90s icon Kyle Rayner makes his return in Green Lantern #8.

Green Lantern #8

The current Green Lantern is putting Hal against his worst foe: himself. Stranded on Earth with a ring that can’t leave the atmosphere, there’s a conspiracy brewing that only Hal is aware of. Add to that the destruction of various Central Power Batteries belonging to other Lantern Corps and you’ve got all the makings of a tense thriller. 

But I don’t care about any of that because Kyle Rayner is back! He’s on the cover and everything! Kyle might be the poster child for DC’s mishandling of ‘90s legacy characters, a beloved fan favorite who drops off the face of the earth for long stretches of time. What’s he been up to for the last eight issues?

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HAL JORDAN VS. THE UNITED PLANETS! After the revelations of what happened on Korugar, Hal discovers the United Planets are consolidating power in the universe by nefarious means, but before he can stop them, representatives of the United Planets Corps have arrived to arrest Hal for unlawful use of emotional spectrum energy in a quarantined zone!

By Jeremy Adams, Amancay Nahuelpan, Romulo Fajardo Jr., & Dave Sharpe

Fall of the House of X #2 coverMarvel Comics
Magneto’s daughter arrives to raise hell in Fall of the House of X #2

Fall of the House of X #2

The implosion of the X-Men’s Krakoan Age is reaching a crescendo. Surprisingly, that somehow culminates in this being a great week to be Magneto’s kid. 

Fall of the House of X sees Magneto’s only remaining biological kid, Polaris, stepping up to the plate in a big way. Polaris soaring through space with a Celestial head in tow and leading an army of brood is a sight to behold and could easily be the deciding factor for the fight against Orchis. (If Fall of the House of X isn’t your thing, though, you can also check out this week’s Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver #1, which sees Magneto’s adopted kids facing the fallout from his death)

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NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT! The X-Men may be at their lowest spot, and they may be on the brink of complete eradication…but they are not going down without a fight! Polaris returns to guide the X-Men home, bringing a wicked surprise for Orchis! This epic tale split in two continues as the Krakoan Age nears its conclusion!

By Gerry Duggan, Lucas Werneck, Bryan Valenza, & Travis Lanham

Transformers #5 cover artImage | Skybound
Optimus Prime is one step closer to becoming what he hates in Transformers #5.

Transformers #5

The relaunched Energon Universe is something I admittedly rolled my eyes at when I first saw it. I grew up around Transformers and GI Joe, but I never really was in that fandom. 

But I’ll be damned if this initiative hasn’t got its hooks in me. Duke and Cobra Commander are just good comics, but Transformers might be something magical. This ongoing really captures the tone and awe of what makes Transformers great and might be my favorite Optimus Prime depiction on the market today. 

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Starscream revives one of the most powerful Decepticons to eliminate the Autobots once and for all.

By Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer & Rus Wooten

Sinister Sons #1 cover artDC Comics
The sons of General Zod and Sinsestro are up to no good in Sinister Sons #1.

Sinister Sons #1

I loved Super Sons. Superboy and Robin having misadventures was one of the most wholesome things to come out of DC Rebirth. I’m glad Jon and Damian still have a friendship, but it remains so disappointing that this concept was taken away from fans when Jon was aged up. 

So you can imagine my excitement for Super Sons writer Peter J. Tomasi to take a crack at its antithesis, Sinister Sons. Can the sons of General Zod and Sinestro capture fans with the same mischievous energy that made Super Sons so great? 

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MEET DC’S DEVIOUS NEW DUO! FROM SUPER SONS WRITER PETER J. TOMASI AND FAN-FAVORITE ARTIST DAVID LAFUENTE! They’re bad to the bone, ready to brawl, and the sons of two of the deadliest villains in the galaxy: they’re the Sinister Sons and the DC Universe will never be the same! When the son of General Zod was cast off of his adopted homeworld of New Kandor, Lor-Zod runs afoul of a kid on a mission: Sinson is out to prove he’s got what it takes to live up to the family name of Sinestro! But all is not as it seems, and the sons’ journeys will take them into the heart of darkness in this sensational first issue! Superstar scribe Peter J. Tomasi returns to the world of DC youth once again—joined by fan-favorite artist David Lafuente—to craft one of the most dynamic debuts of a duo in DCU history!

By Peter J. Tomasi, David Lafuente & Tamra Bonvillain

Every new comic releasing the week of February 14, 2024

  • Abbott: 1979 #4
  • Action Comics #1062
  • Alice Cooper #5
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #43
  • Archie Showcase Digest #17 Valentine’s Day Special
  • The Assassin’s Apprentice II #3
  • Batman #143
  • Batman and Robin #6
  • Batman: City of Madness #3
  • Beorn: The Littlest Viking Saga #4
  • Beware the Planet of the Apes #2
  • Black Panther #9
  • Blade #8
  • Blade Runner 2039 #10
  • Blood Commandment #4
  • Bloodborne: The Bleak Dominion #4
  • The Bloody Dozen: A Tale of the Shrouded College #3
  • Blue Beetle #6
  • Blue Book: 1947 #1
  • Bombshell and TommTomm #3
  • Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries #2
  • The Cabinet #1
  • Creepshow: Joe Hill’s Wolverton Station #1
  • Daredevil: Black Armor #4
  • Dark Spaces: The Hollywood Special #6
  • Dead Detective #3
  • Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu: Gang War #3
  • Deer Editor #2
  • The Deviant #4
  • The Devil’s Grin #5
  • The Displaced #1
  • Divine Power Made Me #1
  • Dracula: After Man #1
  • Dutch #1
  • Dying Days #3
  • Earthdivers #15
  • Empath #4
  • Faceless and the Family #4
  • Fall of the House of X #2
  • Femforce #202
  • Firefly: The Fall Guys #5
  • Genesis II #5
  • Green Lantern #8
  • Grimm Fairy Tales 2024 Valentine’s Day Lingerie Pinup Special #1
  • Hecate’s Will #5
  • The Hunger and the Dusk #6
  • I Hate Fairyland #11
  • If You Find This, I’m Already Dead #1
  • The Infernals #1
  • Jennifer Blood: Battle Diary #3
  • Jungle Comics #25
  • Kill Your Darlings #6
  • A Legacy of Violence #10
  • Lifeboat
  • Mad #36
  • Manga Z #19
  • Masterpiece #3
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #16
  • The Ministry of Compliance #3
  • The Miracles #2
  • The Miracles #3
  • Myst: Dragon’s Guard #1
  • Night Thrasher #1
  • The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #7
  • Our Bones Dust #3
  • Outsiders #4
  • Penthouse Comics #1
  • Petrol Head #4
  • Planetary Expansion #1
  • Poor Man Funnies #2
  • Prometheus in Chains #5
  • Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe #2
  • Red Hood: The Hill #1
  • Rick and Morty: Meeseeks P.I. #4
  • Rock & Roll Biographies #23
  • Savage Red Sonja #4
  • Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver #1
  • The Scorched #26
  • Sinister Sons #1
  • The Sire: Lost in Time #4
  • Speed Force #4
  • Spider-Gwen: Smash #3
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader #43
  • Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #3
  • Super Scouts #1
  • Super Scouts #2
  • Superior Spider-Man #4
  • Sweetie Candy Vigilante #1
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #148
  • Thunderbolts #3
  • Transformers #5
  • Tuskers #1
  • Usagi Yojimbo: Ice and Snow #5
  • Valentine Bluffs Massacre #1
  • Vampirella #666
  • Van Helsing: Bonded by Blood #1
  • Vengeance of the Moon Knight #2
  • The Weatherman #2
  • Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #5
  • The Witcher: Wild Animals #4
  • Wolverine #43
  • Zawa + The Belly of the Beast #4

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