YouTuber Shmee finally reveals entire car collection

Connor Bennett

Popular car YouTuber Shmee150 showed off his complete car collection for the first time and as expected, it’s pretty insane. 

The popular car enthusiast, who has racked up over two million subscribers on the platform, has one of the more unique collections of vehicles compared to his fellow content creators.

After recently revealing how much it costs to own a Ferrari GTC4Lusso and use it as a daily driver, the YouTuber decided to celebrate a decade of making videos by taking his whole car collection out of storage and showing them off altogether. 

An image of a man with a blue ferrari gt4 lusso
Shmee has revealed some of unique cars separately but never all in one go before.

While some car YouTubers can lay claim to owning a few Ferrari’s, McClaren’s, and Lamborghini’s, Shmee’s collection is pretty wide-ranging. He has a few supercars in the forms of limited edition Aston Martin GT8, Ford GT, McClaren Senna, and a McClaren 675LT Spider.

Yet, he’s got a few other toys as well. They include further limited edition forms of the Mercedes AMG GTR Pro, 2019 Toyota GR Supra, and two different Ford Focus – as well as his Ferrari GTC4Lusso and AMG G63 G Wagon.

Even though they are his cars and he drives them, Shmee was certainly taken aback by seeing the full collection together and looking ready to cruise the road as a convoy. “The cars are all lined up, all here together for the first time – and this is, quite frankly, ridiculous,” the YouTuber said.

Though he wasn’t taking them on the road, and was just setting them up for a few photoshoots, the YouTuber did have a little fun with his pocket rocket custom Segway Go-Kart. However, when he brought it all to a close a few hours later, even he still couldn’t believe the progress he’s made in a decade of YouTube. 

“I could never have predicted where this journey was going to take things, from the beginning back then when it was uploading videos of cycling around central London chasing cars, filming these kinds of things at the time, but I never could have expected this,” Shmee said. 

With the new decade well underway, there should be plenty of opportunities for Shmee to add to his collection, especially with a few new supercar launches planned.

If he get his hands on them, though, remains to be seen, but at least fans can look forward to a whole boatload of new content surrounding the ones he already owns.

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