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YouTuber reveals strangest car mods from Tokyo Auto Salon 2020

Published: 24/Jan/2020 16:38

by David Purcell


Tokyo Auto Salon was jam-packed with all sorts of different booths this year, as tons of the craziest modified and tuned cars were set up people to admire. Luckily, Gordon ‘effspot’ Cheng was on the scene to capture the absolute best of the weird. 

Effspot often travels around the world to create content surrounding different car collections, rallies, and automotive events, and on January 22 he revealed findings from his latest trip to Japan. He has around 525,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 170,000 followers on Instagram, at the time of writing.

The event took place between January 10 and 12, bringing thousands of car enthusiasts to The Land of the Rising Sun with a number of the world’s most recognizable car manufacturers having their models on show. Many vehicles had their designs tweaked, or totally changed, and ready for the expo.
Bread van at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020
effspot, YouTube
A modded van, decorated with croissants and doughnuts, was selling different breads at the event.
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Those that have never seen this event take place before might hear the likes of Toyota involved and expect to see the likes of the GT86, GR Supra or even one of the larger vehicles like the Hilux customized.
But, some of the offerings at this show were – how can we put it – different to say the least, with a Toyota pumpkin car taking center-stage, complete with what looked like a Disney princess style interior.
That wasn’t the only eye-catching modded car to make it to Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, either, as effspot flicked through a few shots of a bread van, where they actually sold different types of bread inside, plus a Spiderman themed Daihatsu, DJ van and more.
Timestamp in the video below at 1:28.

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Another Toyota he spotted had some of the biggest exhaust pipes in the whole venue, which he had to question for a second.


“What do you even say to these, guys? Are those real? As you can tell, I’m a little shell shocked here as to what is happening. I think they managed to put every imaginable exhaust model by Sense Brand on this particular car,” he said, before counting that it had 12 different exhaust ports on it.

Toyota vehicle with several exhausts on it
effspot, YouTube
Here’s what the customized Toyota car looked like at the event – complete with Sense Brand parts.

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A number of other never-before-seen vehicle models and designs were shown off, too.

In the comments section of the video, the YouTuber asked whether or not his viewers would like to see him return to Tokyo for next year’s Auto Salon as well and the question was met with resounding approval from fans.


So, we can probably expect to see effspot go back to Japan – along with many other product expos around the world – in the next year.