Yiannimize explains why he changed his mind about buying a G Wagon

Bill Cooney

Popular auto YouTuber Yianni ‘Yiannimize’ Charalambous showed off his recently-purchased Mercedes Benz G-Wagon in a new video where he explains what changed his mind on the luxury SUV.

In 2017 Yianni put out a video titled “Why I hate the G-Wagon review” where he argued the vehicles didn’t perform as well as they looked.

“It’s a tank, it looks fantastic. Yes for road presence, wow factor, you can’t beat a G-Wagon,” he admitted in 2017. “It’s very bumpy, tanky, turning circles are poor – I’m just not a fan, really, really not a fan.”

Yiannimize previously criticized the G-Wagon.

But, somewhere between that video and now, the car-wrap expert’s opinion on the G-Wagon changed enough for him to pick up his very own 2020 Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV.

Yianni said the tipping point for him was the 2020 G-Wagon model’s new shape, which changed the bumpers, lights, and interior of the car while keeping its classic look.

“Yes it’s been the ‘same’ shape for god knows how many years. However, it has been updated,” the Brit explained as he drove the new SUV. “So the bumper’s different, the lights are different, the interior’s different, and the wheels are obviously different as well.”

While the interior had certainly won him over, Yianni had to admit that it was still a “little bumpy” to drive on the road, but nowhere near as bad as the previous models he’d tried.

“It’s still got an awesome presence on the road, that’s one thing I did say about the G-Wagon,” he recalled. “If you drive around London what are the best cars that have the presence? G-Wagon or a Lamborghini, but I’d say this has more because of the size.”

“Why do I like this G-Wagon over the other one? It’s new, they’ve made it look so much better inside,” Yianni continued. “Mercedes-Benz are known for having great cars, but I think the G-Wagons were never their priority when it came to interiors.”

Yianni is known for his wild car wraps and customizations, so of course, he has big plans for his new G-Wagon.

Some of Yiannimize’s most popular YouTube content is his car wrap and customization work, so it makes sense he has similar plans in store for his latest whip.

He hasn’t shared any pictures of what he plans to do with the currently black-on-black vehicle but did say he would be adding mods to make it look wider, new tires, and of course, a custom wrap to make it stand out.

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