World’s fastest car crash test will leave you speechless

Kieran Bicknell

We’re always told how dangerous it is to break highway speed limits, but we still see other drivers exceeding the limits on a daily basis. Well, watching this terrifying crash might show you just how dangerous it is to break the speed limit.

All cars are required by government laws to be crash-tested before going on sale. The problem is, these crash tests are done at a speed that is well below the average highway speed: only 40mph.

Not only are the cars tested at a low speed, but they are also smashed into a solid concrete wall. While this certainly tests the strength of the car, it doesn’t react in the same way that a ‘live’ car collision would.

To prove their point, YouTubers staged a crash test between an average family sedan and a school bus. While this may be a fairly extreme example, it is a perfectly possible situation.

Bus and car crash test aerial view
The staged crash test involved an Opel Omega and a school bus.

200kph Crash Test ends in disaster

Furthering the education value of their video, they also use it as a platform to demonstrate just how dangerous speeding is. Choosing to stage the world’s fastest crash test, at the point of impact the car would travel at 200km/h.

Speeding is particularly dangerous as it affects your braking distances, too. The faster you go, the longer it takes to stop.

Speed limits are determined by a number of factors, but largely due to the average braking distance of vehicles using the road, along with a number of environmental factors.

Clip starts at 19:00

As the car speeds down the runway under remote control, a radar gun clocks the vehicle traveling at 129mph (207kph.) Smashing into the side of the bus, it is clear that had this been a real-life incident, nobody would’ve crawled out of the wreckage.

While the car was totally destroyed, the bus didn’t fare much better. Every single window was shattered, and the ‘passengers’ on the bus would’ve all been wiped out.

Thankfully, this test was a ‘worst case’ scenario but should serve as a stark reminder of how important road safety is. Had this not been a test, it would’ve been a very grisly scene indeed.

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