Supercar Blondie splits opinion with wild Rolls Royce Wraith makeover

Kieran Bicknell
Supercar Blondie New RR

YouTuber and presenter Supercar Blondie is known for reviewing some of the most outrageous cars ever seen. Clearly inspired by those featured on her channel, she has now revealed a new set of modifications to her personal Rolls-Royce.

Following the unusual ‘slime’ paint job that she did in July 2020, subscribers had not heard any further news on the Rolls-Royce’s status. Now, a completely overhauled look has been revealed in Supercar Blondie’s October 1 video.

Costing upwards of $379,000 when new, Supercar Blondie’s Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge Edition is the epitome of luxury personal travel. Clearly not content with leaving it as RR intended, she has now taken it to the next level with a series of modifications.

Supercar Blondie new Rolls Royce makeover
Supercar Blondie’s new Rolls-Royce makeover has divided opinion.

Instead of painting directly onto the Wraith’s bodywork, SB opted to use an unusual peel-able paint formula. This allows her to simply remove the color from the car when she wants to change up the look. By using the removable paint, it will also make it easier to sell if she ever chose to do so.

Opting for a classic Nardo Grey color, the look of the Wraith has been completely transformed by the makeover. Had she simply changed the color from the factory white to grey, many would agree that it’d be a classy change.

Controversially, however, Blondie has chosen a rather unusual accent color for the Rolls Royce: ‘Hermes’ Orange. SB is clearly smitten with the new look of the car, saying it looks “so frickin’ cool!”

Supercar Blondie’s Rolls-Royce divides opinion

The color change isn’t the only modification she has made. A custom-embossed ‘Supercar Blondie’ logo has also been placed on the right-hand fender which is only visible from certain angles. The wheels have also been upgraded to a set of massive 24″ wheels from Vossen.

The wheels probed especially tricky for her, as apparently, it was “unheard of” to have wheels of this size on a Wraith. It also took three weeks to source appropriate tires for the wheels, not to mention finding someone brave enough to fit them.

While Blondie loves the new look, her subscribers clearly weren’t so sure. One comment says: “Oh. It looks even worse than the previous “customization”. Honestly. (sic)” while another said: “The Orange Spirit of Ecstasy looks like a showpiece from a dollar store. Actually, it looks like chicken wings.”

Clearly, not everyone is a fan of the new look, but as long as SB loves it, that’s all that matters.

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